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We continuously seek volunteers to assist with Doxy's mission with donations and horse care as well as skilled horseback riders to volunteer their time to further the training of horses being prepared for adoption. The volunteer work will include round pen riding as well as trail riding on green horses. You must be a confident and skilled rider to take this on.


About Us

The Doxy's Horse Recovery mission is to recover, rehabilitate and re-home horses who otherwise have no chance at life. Doxy's takes in horses that are headed toward slaughter. Some of these horses come through the auction and others from the horse racing industry. When you adopt a horse from Doxy's you are helping to save a life and to further the Doxy's mission.

If you are interested in a horse from Doxy's Horse Recovery please contact us via phone at 607-639-1832 or via email at We encourage you to come out to meet the horse and spend time with it on multiple occasions to ensure that it is a good fit for you. We always want to be sure that the horse is going to a home where it will live out the rest of its life. Adoption fees may be negotiable, what matters most is the quality of the home the horse is going to.

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354 Sprague Rd.
Afton, NY 13730

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