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We have moved most of our herd out to Little Apple Farm in Central Square! This move wouldn’t have  happened if we didn't have such a dedicated group of volunteers  to help clean up and move the horses and equipment. We at Sunshine would like tosay a very special thank you Robinson and Vitale Companies for donating stone to us and to Scott Duggleby of North Riding and TAPS for coming out with his huge trailer to help us move. We also would like to say thank you to Mike Strassi for coming out with his tractor to help move manure, fill in holes, and anything else he found needed doing. Thank you as well to J&J Feeds for their contributions to our herd.

Our Wish List:





Every donation we receive is gratefully appreciated!


 Sweet feed


Sawdust bedding?


Training equipment

Lead ropes

Saddles/saddle pads


Driving equipment



Horse blankets/sheets

 Fly masks/sprays

 Monetary donations are always welcome as we also need to pay for vet and farrier bills, medications, feed,bedding and other equipment.You can also donate by volunteering! Come join the Sunshine family.

The Sunshine barns are full of wonderful, adoptable horses, many of whom are trained under saddle, and quite a few who are trained to drive and ride!  Please consider adopting one of our amazing equines, and contact us to make an appointment if you're interested in meeting them!!


 Don't forget to visit our website www.sunshinehorses.org or visit us on facebook  sunshine horses


Adopting A Friend

Please see our website, http://www.sunshinehorses.org, for information on adopting a horse, and to view our adoption contract.  Requested donations generally range from $100-$1,000 depending on the horse.

Raffle Ticket "Raffie" is a 16.2hh, 12 year old Standardbred gelding. He is a joy to work with both on the ground and under saddle. He has great ground manners and enjoys being groomed. He came trained under saddle and is now undergoing a refresher course. He has big, forward movement at the trot, and is currently learning to balance and collect himself. He is also working on his suppleness at the walk and trot. He has a great work ethic and can be ridden in a hackamore. We are currently working him on the trail and desensitizing him to the obstacles he may encounter out there. Raffie has a large scar on his right hind leg from an old wound that didn't heal correctly. It does not bother him or hinder his movement at all. He can be quite the riot sometimes. He likes making popping sounds with his lips and will try to figure how you make those sounds with your lips when you mock him. xD Raffie is located in our Central Square location. He would excel with an intermediate rider. Priced Around $600.

To see a video of Raffie under saddle, please follow this link:http://sunshinehorses.org/gallery/raffle-ticket/

If you're interested in this goofy boy, please fill out this adoption interest Form (tell us what you're looking for in your future horse, your riding level and what horses you're interested in):

And fill out this application form:

Please send me a pm if you'd like to speak to his trainer and a set up a time to see him.

Who We Are

Many of the horses at Sunshine are retired standardbred racehorses, but we also welcome horses of other breeds into our program.  Most recently, we have accepted quarter horses, thoroughbreds (some off the track), arabians, Tennessee walkers, morgans, and more.  These horses are often donated when their owners can no longer care for them.

Standardbreds often come to us because they lacked the desire or skill to be successful on the track. Occasionally they have become too old to race competitively, or have an injury that prohibits further racing.  Since they are already trained to drive, they usually adapt well to light carts and carriages. Most of them readily learn to accept a saddle and rider, and are quite versatile.  They may go on to be successful in a variety of disciplines.  For example, some of our adopted horses have gone on to do trail riding, endurance riding, and hunter paces.  We work with the horses to help them transition into their new lives, and try our best to match each one’s unique qualities to the needs of a potential adopter.  Sunshine Horses strives to find each horse a home where it will be loved and cared for, and we make every effort to ensure that the horse and potential adopter are a good fit. 

An equally vital part of our mission is helping people to realize their own potential as they help these horses on their journeys. Through youth and adult volunteer programs, we seek to provide personal growth and enrichment. We treasure our volunteers, and draw upon their strengths to maintain and grow our organization.  Everything that we do ultimately serves our underlying mission: "Helping horses; helping people."  

Our horses are housed at two different locations.  Please contact us if you're interested in visiting, adopting, or volunteering!

If you would like to support Sunshine Horses, you can help by:  

  1. Doing all your online searching and shopping through http://www.goodsearch.com.  Choose NY Sunshine Horses as your designated cause, and every time you use Goodsearch the organization will receive a donation!  There's no cost to you at all, and the horses benefit!
  2. Donating the following supplies: 
    ~Snaffle bits and english bridles
    ~English girths, stirrups, and stirrup leathers
    ~Grooming supplies, especially curry combs, hoof picks, ShurHoof dressing, BIL20 Quart, Hooflex Conditioner 
    ~Jolly Balls
    ~Wormer (Zimecterin Gold or Zimecterin)
    ~Cortaflex pellets
  3. Volunteering!  We always welcome new folks to help feed, clean stalls, turn out, fundraise, publicize, etc.  Please contact us if you're interested!  Horse experience is a bonus, but not a requirement-- we'll teach you everything you need to know as you go.   We also partner with various youth organizations, and invite you to contact us if you are interested in connecting your group with us.  By volunteering with Sunshine, young people have the chance to learn about horses in a safe and structured environment. The opportunity is free, and it is a win-win situation for both the kids and horses. The kids learn responsibility, teamwork, and the joy of working with horses. The horses benefit from the love and attention they receive while they wait to find their new forever homes. 
  4. Giving financially.  See the donations page on our website for details. You can donate via pay-pal or snail mail.  
  5. Participating in our Nutrena Club Support Program.  Look for Nutrena labels on Nutrena products including horse feed, dogfood, dairy feed, and poultry feed.  Tear off and collect the tags, and mail them to: Sunshine Horses, Inc. 817 Coughlin Ave. Syracuse, NY  13206

Come Visit Us

Please contact us to make an appointment if you're interested in visiting.  Our primary location is: 

NY State Fairgrounds

581 State Fair Blvd.

Syracuse, NY 13209

Phone: (315) 729-7016

Email: katesunshinehorses@yahoo.com 

Website: http://www.sunshinehorses.org

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