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Please contact us via our email address Bob The Cat Rescue if you are interested in adopting one of our rescues.Adoption fee of $40 includes spay or neuter, distemper vaccines, rabies vaccine and feline leukemia/fiv testing.

We are no longer doing animal rescue but we are still doing cat and kitten adoptions.

Did you know that you can place a free 3 day ad in the Buffalo Evening News Lost and Found section if you lose your cat or find a lost cat? Craigslist (Buffalo) is also a good place to post lost and found animals.

Operation Pets is a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and dogs. Please check their website for current information.Feral Cat Focus is an organization that will spay or neuter feral (wild) cats. Please check their website for current information.


If your cat is sneezing, has runny eyes and loss of apetite these are signs of upper respiratory disease (cat cold) which can lead to pneumonia and death if not treated properly. Don't delay in taking your pet to the vet if you notice these signs. They will prescribe antibiotics for your pet. Do not use human medicine or eye ointments on animals. It can be toxic.


Feral (wild) cats and kittens cannot be trapped by hand. You need a humane trap to get them. You can purchase these traps online and at Tractor Supply in Hamburg.

If you are feeding stray kittens the earlier you trap them the better your chances for socializing them and finding homes for them. When placing food in the traps never use cans or anything sharp that the cat might cut itself on. Paper plates and styrofoam cups work very well for this. Place a small towel inside the trap for the cat to sit on and cover the trap with a sheet, small blanket or towel so the trapped cat feels safe.

If you decide to provide an outside shelter in the wintertime for cats and kittens be sure to insulate it and fill it with straw (hay retains moisture) and blankets will not keep these animals warm. Put the shelter on a raised platform to keep the dampness from getting in. Also be sure to put a flap over the door to keep out drafts and rain.

A kitten is harder to socialize once it reaches 4 months of age. Trap them early and put them in dog crates in the center of your home so they get used to the noise and people. Cover the crate with a sheet leaving the door exposed. Put the litter box and food and water bowls near the door so you have easy access to clean and fill them. It will take 3-6 months for the socialization process. The younger the cat or kitten...the easier it will be to socialize it.

Winter months are very hard on cats. The average lifespan for an outside cat is 2 years.

And remember....


Who We Are

We rescue cats and kittens and socialize feral cats and kittens to prepare them for adoption. All of these cats and kittens except those being socialized have the run of our house. We teach the ferals trust, how to live in a house and how to allow themselves to be loved by humans.

Sometimes it can be a long slow process and it requires a ton of patience and understanding. We have many shy cats who are extremely loving and just need that special someone who is willing to give them a bit of time to come around.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption fee is $40which covers the cost for spay/neuter, deworming, defleaing, initial distemper and rabies vaccination and feline leukemia/fiv testing. Follow-up distemper vaccines are not covered.

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