Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue, Inc.

Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue, Inc.

formerly Stephanie's Animal Shelter and Rescue, Inc.

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Shelter News

On October 23, 2013 Stephanie Smith Buchinger resigned as CEO and President of Stephanie's Animal Shelter and Rescue, Inc. She appointed a committee of Christine Myers, Jennifer Volpe, Tracy Hoeppner-Russell, to meet and form a new board of directors They met on October 24,2013. The new board is as follows: Jennifer Volpe - President, Tracy Hoeppner-Russell -Vice President, Christine Myers – Treasurer. Subsequently, Tracy Hoeppner-Russell took over as President and Jennifer Volpe became Vice-President due to other obligations.

The board subsequently voted to change the name to LITTLE PAWS BIG HEARTS RESCUE, Inc. Paperwork has been submitted to NYS to change the name and amend the Articles of Incorporation to reflect the change. We wish Stephanie well as she moves to her new home in Florida in the near future.

Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue is looking for a building or house to open as shelter somewhere in the northern part of Wyoming County somewhat centrally located with a low rent or rent to own. The value of a discounted rental could be tax deductible. We don't need a lot of land, but enough for some dog runs.

Once our paperwork is completed we will start scheduling fundraisers and recruiting foster homes for animals. Even when we relocate to a new building we will need foster homes for all kinds of animals. Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue is a 501c3 No Kill organization.

Please consider a tax deductible donation or a gift membership to our shelter and rescue as we always need money to keep going. Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue memberships are just $10 per year. No one has to strain their budget to help us.

Our current mailing address is: Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue, Inc., PO Box 204, Attica, NY 14011


Our History

Stephanie's Animal Shelter began as a private shelter and rescue home located in Gainesville, NY. The home-based shelter accepts most animals, cats, dogs or potbelly pigs right on up too goats, horses and so much more. The cost to make this happen is supported by donations, adoption fees and money from our own household budgets. Despite the financial difficulties, we couldn’t and won't give up on the animals.

In 2003, we became a non-profit corporation. Doing this helped differentiate our organization from a pet dealership. In July of 2004 we received notification of our 501 c(3) tax exempt status. As we evolved, our primary focus has centered around the rescue of dogs.

Adoption fees for these animals partly supported our day to day shelter needs. In addition to food and the shelter, all puppies are vaccinated and wormed two to three times while in our care. Puppies over 4 months of age get rabies shot and are licensed. Sick or injured animals are taken to the vet and treated professionally. As funds become available our goal is to neuter and spayed all of our animals. Adoption contracts require spaying or neutering within 6 months of adoption.

Stephanie Smith ran the day to day activities of the shelter. Besides the hands on caring and feeding, fielding phone calls etc. She also coordinates any fund raisers to help keep the shelter a float. The hardest part of the job for Stephanie or anyone in this field is patience. Sometimes patience can be hard to find when dealing with abusive or neglectful pet owners. Pet owners who acquire a pet without thinking about the care it requires. Seeing the fear and sadness in the eyes of an animal when a beloved pet owner leaves them behind is touching. This added to many nights spent nursing sick animals back to health is difficult--animals that clearly lacked proper feedings and vaccinations prior to their arrival.


We are in the process of securing a new location for our shelter. Visit our Facebook Group and page for our latest news.

Little Paws Big Hearts Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 204
Attica, NY 14011
Phone: (585) 969-4119 to leave messages

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