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The Hudson Valley SPCA is proud to be a no-kill shelter! Some lucky animals will find new homes within a day or two of coming to us; others might be with us for the rest of their lives. Every animal that comes through our door is given a second chance at a happy life.?


At any given time, we provide refuge to more than 50 dogs and 100 cats .  Many were found wandering the streets alone. Others were relinquished by families who could no longer care for them. Several were removed from their homes by our Humane Law Enforcement Officers after an abuse or neglect investigation. Regardless of how they came to our shelter, every animal in our care enjoys the benefits of our safe, caring environment until they are finally matched with a forever home.

An application must be completed in order to adopt from the HVSPCA. The information provided in this document helps us to identify the pet most suitable to an adopter's personality, energy level, and life style, as well as to ensure that we are placing pets in a healthy, sustainable environment.

All of our animals are fully vetted. This means that each animal we place has received a medical exam and any necessary treatments, is up-to-date on all vaccinations, and has been spayed or neutered. In order to make this possible, we must charge an adoption fee of $150. In most cases, this is not enough to pay for the actual care that the animal received; it merely helps cover a portion of their initial expenses, which typically top $400, and do not include food or general care costs. 


Who We Are


The Hudson Valley SPCA is a unique facility: Not only is it the only no-kill shelter in the Newburgh, NY area, but it is also the only source of humane law enforcement in Orange County.  Our dedicated team of volunteers shelter, protect and defend animals, and actively seek out loving homes that will care for those animals for the rest of their lives.

The Hudson Valley SPCA functions with three goals in mind:

•  To lead the fight against animal abuse in Orange County through    

   our Humane Law Enforcement division;


•  To identify appropriate and sustainable homes for every animal

   we place;  and


•  To provide a caring, healthy, rehabilitative environment for every

   animal in our care until such a home can be found.


The Hudson Valley SPCA ?does not receive funds from federal, state or local municipalities.

Nor is it funded by the national organization, the ASPCA. Our work is funded solely by

donations from our supporters.?


When you donate to the Hudson Valley SPCA, you can be sure that your contribution is used wisely. Over 75% of donations go directly to animal care, while remaining funds go to support services.?

The Hudson Valley SPCA is a registered 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.


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