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We love to talk about our rabbits! Please visit us on facebook. We work hard to keep it busy with pictures on our bunnies, new adoptables, events, and general fun stuff.


Adopting A Friend

We are truly dedicated to finding safe, loving homes for as many rabbits as possible!

In general, our adoption fee is $60 for a neutered rabbit, and $100 for a neutered bonded pair. Due to funding, we often wait until a rabbit is adopted to have it neutered. If you would like to adopt an unneutered rabbit, you can do so for $30 as long as you are willing to sign a contract promising never to breed the rabbit and to have it neutered within one year. Exceptions may be made for rabbits that are too old to be safely neutered, or rabbits that are intended to be showed but never bred.

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit but do not see one here that peaks your interest, please feel welcome to contact us. We invite you to set up a visit, or consider visiting us at an event. We may have a rabbit for you to fall in love with who isn't up on Petfinder yet, or you may fall in love with a rabbit when you meet one in person.

Although we understand that most breeders take excellent care of their animals, we are a rescue dedicated to placing unwanted rabbits into loving homes, and reducing the populated of homeless rabbits. For this reason, our rabbits must never be bred.

Rabbits adopted from our sanctuary must be placed in an indoor living situation. A garage or a basement may be acceptable as long as the rabbit is interacted with often, an outdoor hutch or barn would not. To help our rabbits find indoor homes, we make every attempt to litter train most of our rabbits before they go home.

Who We Are

We are a small animal rescue based in Sherman, Ny. We take in unwanted rabbits and other small pets. Our main focus is on saving rabbits from local livestock auctions, and other dangerous or negligent situations. We also have the facilities to foster chickens and guinea pigs.


  • Can you take in my dog or cat?

Although we feel great compassion for all animals, we only have the facilities to safely foster and adopt out rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.

  • Can I find you on Facebook?

YES!! We work hard to keep our facebook page busy with updates, pictures, events and donation drives.


  • Do you need donations?

YES!!! Please visit our donation page! We are an entirely non-profit organization. Our volunteers donate their time and talents. Every dollar you donate goes directly into feeding, housing and medical care for the rabbits.


  • Will you take items instead of money?

YES!!! We are always in need of unused water bottles, blankets, towels, newspapers, fresh green veggies, and above all else pellet rabbit food. We have an Amazon wishlist. If you order from the wishlist, the item will ship directly to us. We are more than happy to accept most used items!


  • Do you need hay or straw?

Happily, we have a relatively infinite source of good hay and straw.

  • I think I can help in some other way.

Please contact us! We are impressed and encouraged by the depths of human kindness. Give us a message or an e-mail of you would like to volunteer!

Come Visit Us

We would love to meet you! Please drop us a line and set up a visit. We are in Sherman, NY, which is about an hour south of Buffalo, NY and about thirty minutes north of Erie, PA.

You can also find us at our events. Keep an eye on our facebook page to stay up to date!


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