Grateful Paw Cat Shelter

This is the Petfinder web site of
The Grateful Paw Cat Shelter & Adoption Center.
Grateful Paw is operated and funded by the
League for Animal Protection of Huntington, Inc.


The League for Animal Protection of Huntington, Inc.
is a private, not-for-profit, all volunteer
organization based in Huntington, NY.
Cats are housed in the no-kill Grateful Paw
Cat Shelter staffed by volunteers.
Our volunteers also work with dogs,
many at Huntington Animal Shelter.


We have lots to be thankful for.
Hope you do too.

And don't forget about Black Friday.

Do some shopping here!

Sunday, Nov 30, 11am-4pm
at Ft Hill Nursery, 188 E Main St, Huntington
Donate to LAP $10 for 5 x 7 glossy holiday photo
Refreshments, spin wheel for gift baskets and store coupons too.

"Raindrops on roses" "Whiskers on kittens"
Are these a few of your "Favorite Things"?

We've got the whiskers right here!
Here's a few of our kittens!
Kitten season big time is June through November.


You will come to this shelter
and you will fall in love with one of us.

The Grateful Paw Cat Shelter is open
TUESDAY through FRIDAY 12:30 to 4:30 pm,
SATURDAY and SUNDAY 12:00 to 4:00 pm.
Call 631-757-4517 during those hours.

Here's some of our adult cats to visit.

Adele ---- Alfonso ---- Arka ---- Brie ---- Callista ---- Hunter


Our cats and kittens are not in cages.
Our shelter is so nice. It's a Bed & Breakfast for cats.
You can walk around the main rooms
and have a seat on one of our benches.
You won't be alone for long!
Our cats are already spayed or neutered,
checked by a vet, had all inoculations.
(if over 4 months old),
and tested for FIV and FELV.

Who says you can't buy love?

We collect $100, either cash or check, for each cat.
Think about how much more money you'd spend
for spay/neuter, blood tests
and inoculations at the vet.
A two week health warranty is included.
Some special breeds may be more than $100.
Sorry we cannot take credit cards or give refunds.

And here's more adult cats to visit

Cassie --- Gizmo --- Romeo --- Toby --- Damien -- Gal Friday

104 Deposit Road in East Northport, NY
(off Pulaski Rd. between
Old Bridge Rd.& Townline Rd.)


You can reach us by either
LIE exit 53 or N.St. Pky. exit 45
to Sagtikos/Sunken Meadow Pky North
Exit SM-4W for Pulaski Rd.
After 1.3 miles, make a left at 2nd traffic light
(past Richter's Apple Orchard), onto Deposit Rd.
After passing the school bus depot,
we'll be the first house at the end of that road.
If you're west of us on Pulaski Rd.,
after crossing Larkfield Rd & Old Bridge Rd,
bear right at the fork by the next traffic light
onto Deposit Rd.


A labor of love
If you're over 18, you can become
an office receptionist, pet socializer,
foster Mom for baby kittens,
transporter, fund-raising events,
or a cleaner/feeder at the shelter.
All very rewarding,
and also very good for your blood pressure!
Come in for an application
or Email

And see more adult cats to visit.

Itsy ----- Jake ----- Janine ----- Pitzeleh ----- Spirit -----VanGogh

as told by two dear cats who crossed over "the rainbow bridge"


"I just wanted everyone to know
how grateful I was for all your attention and love.
I was rescued in early 2013 from a
backyard when I was very sick.
The doctor and the volunteers
did everything to make me look and feel better.
Special food was made for me
by a dear volunteer who adopted me
and visited me every day here to see
if I'd put on a few pounds.
Nothing helped. The volunteers kept me comfortable.
I wanted you all to know how much
I loved you for caring about me so much."


"All dressed up in my tuxedo, and a real sweetheart.
I loved you so very much. I was so grateful
to have been rescued from that box left outside in 2006.
I was scratched up. I wast feeling awful. I didn't want to eat.
Everybody watched over me, making sure I got my medicine.
When I got better, I was afraid of being in the room
with so many other cats, so I lived in the hall and kitchen.
As you can see I was very patient about wearing costumes!
I loved you humans when you so often kissed the top of my head.
And I had a special feeling for "Miss Pig". We spent lots of time together.
In the summer of 2013, I got a sickenss that couldn't be cured.
You kissed the top of my head even more than ever.
You helped to always keep me comfortable.
Thank you so much for loving me."


Since there are many people who want to adopt but can't
for various reasons, we offer a sponsorship program.
The photos are of Tricia with Zane, Sadie & Harley.
These cats have been with us for many years.
Some, so timid, are not likely to be adopted,
so Grateful Paw is their home.
Zane is an angel now looking down
on his dear buddies whom he loved so much
A few others have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
For only $30 per year, you can sponsor a cat.
Your donation goes directly
to the medical care of cats at our shelter.
You get a picture of the cat you are helping.
You are welcome to visit your cat.
A great gift idea and a very meaningful
gift given in someone's memory.

DONATIONS of course are always welcome
Items such as Fancy Feast, Deli Cat dry food, catnip & treats,
paper towels, small paper plates, large kitchen or lawn bags,
bleach & detergent are always needed here.

And here's more adults to visit:

Lady --- Lolita --- Tiffany --- Madison --- Midnight --- Allison


1. Our volunteers answering the phone
can offer advice and/or additional phone numbers
to assist you with cat issues.
Call 631-757-4517 during office hours.

2. We lend HUMANE TRAPS to private citizens
wishing to trap feral cats.
Special TNR (trap/neuter/return) advice is available to
Town of Huntington residents.
Call 631-424-4495 or contact
for more information.

3. For cruelty complaints
contact the Suffolk County SPCA.

4. Call us if you've found a lost cat,
or if you've lost your pet cat.
We will list the cat in our lost & found book.
Post signs & call all the nearby shelters, too.

Thank you!!
Your scouts can arrange a visit
to our shelter on Fridays.
Your troop can work on a project
to raise money or advertise our shelter.
You can even work towards
your animal care badge.

And how about these awesome murals a troop painted
on our shelter wall & on the town shelter's too!!
How about a comfy hammock on your patio!
A wonderful girl scout made them for us for her silver project.



Tex made sure we'd sell tax free
lots of what your cat needs,
like stylish collars here at our gift store.
Even if your pet stays in your house, you'd never
want him to accidentally scoot out un-tagged!
Please tag (include phone number) or microchip your pets.
Of course, only one collar with a tag is needed for each pet.

The League for Animal Protection
of Huntington, Inc.
PO Box 390
Huntington, New York 11743

And here's more adults to visit:

Olivia ---- Perry ---- Sophia ---- Evita ---- Tara ---- Tasha ---- Venus

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Okay, the roof's not hot, & it's not tin.
But don't we two look adorable sitting on it!

What greater gift than the love of a cat.

Remember, within the heart of every stray,

lies the singular desire to be loved.

Want to read the stories and
see videos of our dear cats?

May be under repair
if no cats appear.


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