We're getting ready for our H.A.L.T Fundraiser and we are looking for your support! We’ve just kicked off our fundraiser through Gertrude Hawk Chocolates and we are offering a variety of delicious chocolates and gifts!

A website has been setup specifically for H.A.L.T fundraising campaign. All purchases made on that site will be credited toward me and all proceeds will be awarded to our great cause.

To connect to this site, please click here

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You may also go to http://www.gertrudehawkchocolates.com/index.cfm?act=programs and enter the participant no. 708362 to access our group’s site.

Helping All Little Things will be helping Metro Guinea Pig Rescue as well as several other small animal rescues to assist the Baltimore County Animal Control Shelter with 55+ guinea pigs. All of the piggies are in poor condition and will need lots of TLC before they can be adopted into new homes. Majority of the females are pregnant so 55 will quickly become more! Please consider fostering for one of the rescues involved with this case or make a donation towards the care of these poor piggies To make a donation please contact our vet at 856-234-5230 and say you'd like to contribute to Danni Challender/Helping All Little Things account or send a paypal donation to info@haltrescue.com

Helping All Little Things is a small animal rescue serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania (and more!). It is run by Danielle Challender, Jimmy Clark and Ericka Chadbourne, who have decided to open their homes and hearts to neglected, abused and unwanted small animals. Working in conjunction with foster homes, shelters and other rescues, they find permanent loving homes for animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters. All donations go towards the maintenance and well being of the animals that come into the rescue’s care..


Please e-mail us if you wish to adopt a small animal from our rescue.
You will need to fill out an adoption application before we can start the adoption process.
If you cannot adopt a pet but wish
to make a contribution to the rescue
or to sponsor one of our animals,
please click here:

Here are some examples of what your generous donations can provide for the rescue:
$3 donation   Large treat kabob or chew toy or lava bites
$4 donation   16 oranges
$5 donation   hamster food
$8 donation   40 lb bag of bedding
$10 donation   Chinchilla or guinea pig house
$15 donation   A weeks worth of veggies
$25 donation   25 lb bag of chinchilla or guinea pig food
$50 donation   vet visit


• Guinea Pig Food: Kleenmama, Sweet Meadow, Oxbow or Mazuri
• Chinchilla Food: Mazuri or Oxbow
Oxbow, Kleenmama or Sweet Meadow Orchard Grass or Alfalfa Hay
• Igloos
• Wooden Houses
• Water Bottles
• Food Dishes
• Woodypet Bedding
• Fresh Fruits and Veggies
• Giftcards to Farm Markets or Grocery Stores
• Chew Toys or Treats
• Blankets, Towels, Fleece and Sheets
• Anything from or Jen's Custom Crafts
• Monetary donations to cover medical expenses the rescue incurs

Helping All Little Things
Florence, NJ 08518
Email: info@haltrescue.com
Website: www.HALTRescue.com
Website: Facebook
Click here for a list of pets at this shelter.


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