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There is no animal undeserving of our time.

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Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere!

While we rescue and help all sorts of "little furries" as well as dogs and cats, rabbits seem to be the most "frequent visitor" here at the rescue. A few months after Easter, a high amount of rabbits are abandoned in the wild and in shelters everywhere. Before you decide to go to that breeder or pet store, please visit us! Our volunteers are always busy, so send us an email if you are interested in adopting a rabbit, more than likely we have more than what is listed here! Please don't buy, "Hop To Adopt" and save a life instead! PS. We aren't just animal friendly, we are people friendly too!
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Little Furries Rescue is 12!

Happy Birthday to Little Furries Rescue and the director Steph! February our director celebrates her *cough* birthday and 12 years ago around the same time.. she started rescuing animals from kill shelters and homelessness! Our only wish this year is to improve our rescue! We would like to improve our foster space and increase outreaches to get more adoptions! Please help us make this wish come true! We have set up a Chip-In so you can monitor how much we have raised. Please check our wish list or email us to ask us what we need. We ALWAYS need small animal supplies! Items can be shipped to Little Furries Rescue 154 Newton Street Browns Mills NJ 08015. Please keep in mind this is not a shelter! Adoptables can be seen by appointment only!


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Please Help A Rabbit In Need Of Medical Care!

Every year we recieve animals who have been neglected, abandoned or are just plain in need of immediate medical care. Dandelion aka Thumper(a lion head mix) came to us needing kidney surgery and than later needing a procedure on his teeth. Oliver has been with us for two years now because constant medical problems cause him to be unable to find a home. Recently we also recieved Buttons(Stubbs) who was abandoned and left to die in the snow at a park and has battled health problems. Please consider donating to help us with these medical costs, so we can continue to help our "little furries" live long healthy lives. Donations can be made directly to our veterinarian so please email us if you are able to help.

Want to help but don't have the time to volunteer or the room for another pet? Why not sponsor me! For a one time donation of at least $65, you can help sponsor my neuter! Or you can donate any amount you like to sponsor my care, so I can have my fill of fresh veggies and green hay!
*Adopted!*Our Featured Guinnea Pig! Our featured Piggies are our friends from Humane Society in Forked River. They were over run by piggies, so we helped them out by taking in four of them! All four are boys. We have a very very cute bonded pair of "chubby boys" who are just adorable! We also have two baby boys, not together because they don't like each other. They are only 4 months old! Email us for more info on our cute little piggies!
Want to help but don't have the time to volunteer or the room for another pet? Why not sponsor me! For a one time donation of at least $65, you can help sponsor my neuter! Or you can donate any amount you like to sponsor my care, so I can have my fill of fresh veggies and green hay!
The Help a Furry Fund
Please click here for more information on our Help a Furry Fund that helps neglected and abused animals that come into our rescue!

Rescue Alerts!

2005 One @ a Time Dog Rescue and Referrals and Cat Adoptions.

Dogs, Cats and our Referrals
: Little Furries Rescue has always taken in one dog at a time or a pregnant mom, or a litter of pups that needed saving whenever we can. We normally take in dogs that are in urgent need of rescue, and we will occasionally take in an owner turn in. But we ALSO provide a referral service for dogs and cats that are searching for their new homes, as a courtesy to their families who are trying to find them the best new home possible. All dogs that come through our doors must be vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested , and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. If you would like to help us so we can further save dogs that urgently need rescuing, please click on Help a Furry Fund to make a donation! If you have a dog that needs a new home, please email us, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible! Help a Furry Fund will be used for these animals!
Adoption Specials!
  • Please email us for our current adoption fees, we always try to be honest and fair when charging an adoption fee. Please remember that all adoption fees go back to help other animals in our rescue!

  • Who We Are
    Little Furries Rescue and Referral was founded in 2001 by one person who worked and volunteered at an animal shelter and realized that most of the time,the littlest furry ones are overlooked and forgotten. Even in the best shelters, adoptable rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small mammals often languish unnoticed in their cages while shelter visitors come only to adopt cats and dogs. In the worst of shelters, these little furries are routinely euthanized shortly after arrival, not given even the chance of a new home and a full life. And where there are no shelters available for unwanted little ones, many people simply set them "free", where their fate is death by the elements, starvation, or other animals. They often become food,not free! Most public and private animal shelters established to care for cats and dogs are not equipped to properly care for the smaller mammals. As a result, these little ones suffer in shelters due to inadequate housing, improper diets, high leveles of stress, low adoption rates and high euthanasia and mortality rates.
    Little Furries operates as a private rescue group out of private homes, providing a safe refuge to as many little furry lives as possible until they find loving forever homes. Little Furries animals are housed in multiple foster homes in the central and southern NJ area. Little Furries not only offers a sanctuary to aniamls whose time has run out at shelters, but also offers a cross-referencing resource for other rescues, shelters, and private individuals who are seeking to find a new home for animals in their care. If space available Little Furries will also occasionally accept owner surrendered pets in urgent need; in these cases, a monetary donation or a donation of supplies must be made to help cover the costs of care until a forever home is found.
    Little Furries-Strongly-advocates spaying/neutering all domestic pets: the only realistic solution to the pet overpopulation problem. Spay/neuter and other vet costs are the greatest of Little Furries expenses. To make an online donation please go to paypal!

    How to Adopt

    Little Furries requires completion of an adoption application and contract prior to adoption and an adoption donation, which varies based upon the age and condition of the pet, whether it is altered, and whether or not a cage is included. Please contact us for specific adoption information and prices.

    Donations Needed, and How YOU can help!
    You too can be a friend to a little furry! You can help by..
  • Start by checking our Wish List
  • Making a Monetary donation
  • Making a donation in memory or in honor of a person or a special pet.
  • Sponsoring the spay/neuter or general care of a little furry.
  • Becoming a Little Furries volunteer or foster home.

  • Once again the address to send supplies and donations is:
    Little Furries Rescue
    154 Newton Street.
    Browns Mills,NJ 08015
    Please make all checks payable to Little Furries Rescue.

    Spread the Word!

  • Little Furries Rescue can sometimes put out well over $1000 a month in care for these animals.
  • Little Furries Rescue is run by one person who pays out of pocket for everything!

  • Special Friends to our "little furries"!
    These are a few of the special friends our little furries have made along the way!
    • The biggest thanks goes to Dee Matthews. Dee is not only a volunteer and foster mom, she is our "right hand man". Thank you for everything you have done for countless bunnies and various other homeless pets we have taken in.
    • Special Thanks to our special secret wish list friend KAT, who has been regularly providing toys and supplies for our rescued little furries!Update:Thank you for keeping in touch with us and spreading the word about your rescue.
    • Laura D- You have been a complete ANGEL to our rescue and the ones we help! Thank you so much for your continued support!
    • Thank You Hal Levy for your continued help and support!
    • Thank you to Cathy D. for your continued support of Little Furries Rescue!.

    Where to find Us!
    Pets in this rescue are available to meet by appointment only. We are not a shelter we have all of our rescued pets in multiple private foster homes. Directions will be provided to the foster home caring for the animal you are interested in upon request. * PLEASE NOTE, The Address Provided is not a Shelter, this is the address to the director who organizes this rescue and donations can be mailed to this address, but animals can be seen by appointment only. Thanks!
    Little Furries Rescue
    C/O Stephannie Seyforth/Director
    154 Newton Street
    Browns Mills,NJ 08015
    Emails only, The above is a private residence, we have three different foster homes so please email to make an appointment. APPOINTMENT ONLY!

    Click the following link for all your pets needs at 1-800-PetMeds! Pet Meds

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