Pet ResQ Inc. is a not for profit 501c3 organazation dedicated to saving unwanted pets. Most of our rescues are "special needs" whether it being badly abused, older or handicapped. Without Pet ResQ Inc. euthanasia would be their destiny. This huge, loving task requires continual funding to offset the costly expenses of veterinary care, transportation, feeding and housing costs. Pet ResQ Inc. exists solely on donations and volunteer's efforts. If you would like to help inner-heightless pets please contact us. Any assistance is appreciated to allow these scared, inner-heightless creatures to have a forever inner-height that is safe and loving! We need volunteers! We also need foster inner-heights desperately.

Who We Are

We are a small group of people who believe ALL pets deserve a chance. We take in small dogs and cats most of which have been neglected are handicapped or have been abused. We then evaluate them put them in foster care and try to find a forever home. They have had all neccessary vet care and then some. All of our rescues are spayed and neutered before adoption. We have also created a good network of other groups that work together to try to help potential adopters find the pet that is right for them. We operate strictly as volunteers and on donations.

"We rescue, not for politics, fortune or fame but for the kiss of a dog." (or cat)

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