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We do not have a physical shelter, our dogs are in private foster homes.

Legacy All Breed Adoptions, a New England based adoption coordinating organization, working with KEG Animal Rescue (501c3 non-profit status) in Tennessee, Alabama SPCA Rescue (501c3 non-profit status) in Alabama, ARRF (501c3 non-profit status) in Mississippi, Paw Prints Rescue Center (501c3 non-profit status) in Mississippi, ARF MS (501c3 non-profit status) in Mississippi and Madison ARK (501c3 non-profit status) in Mississippi would like to thank all of our adopters for the invaluable service you are providing by loving and adopting a dog or puppy that would otherwise be killed in a southern shelter. Your adoptions have provided room for more dogs and puppies to be pulled from shelters and saved.

Unless otherwise stated in the pet's bio, our standard adoption fee is $400 to $425 and covers age appropriate vaccines, spay or neuter of pet, bi-weekly worming, heartworm test, microchip, fostering costs, health certificate and transport fee that gets your dog to you!

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IF you are interested in adopting, the FIRST step is to complete an Application! If there is more than one decision maker in the home, all of them should be in agreement! Thank you for your understanding and consideration and for helping the dogs and puppies in need!

Please read our website for further information, advice, etc. please: Click here

PLEASE take a moment today to be thankful for your pets, enjoy them and take good care of them!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Legacy All Breed Adoptions
New England
Email: adptapup@gmail.com

IF you leave a voicemail, please unblock your number so we may return your call!
Sometimes we are unable to hear the entire number left in the voicemail so please also send an email to us adptapup@gmail.com!

We do not have a physical shelter, our dogs are in private foster homes.