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Our Pet List

Our Pet List

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Giving a homeless dog a temporary home changes the life of that dog forever. Most times these animals are one step away from being euthanized! The stories of their lives can be heart-wrenching, but you can help to start them on their road to a happy ending! The only way that we can continue to save these wonderful dogs is with great volunteers who are willing to open up their hearts and their homes and give them a temporary place of safety, love, and training until they can be placed in forever homes where they are wanted and will be loved for the rest of their lives and never have to worry again about the possibility of starving on the streets, living with a cruel and abusive owner, or being brought to a 'shelter' where they die long before their time should be up. If your foster dog needs further veterinary care, you may be asked to take the dog to the vet yourself, depending on where you are, but Canine Guardians for Life is responsible for all vet expenses. Your commitment will be to give the dog the best temporary home that you can. Some dogs need to be housebroken, some dogs need socialization, etc. Each dog has different needs. All need patience and love! Are you still interested? If so, please complete the foster application at

Who We Are

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Each year hundreds of thousands of companion animals end up in shelters through no fault of their own. In many instances, they are held for three days or less before their lives are ended. CANINE GUARDIANS FOR LIFE believes in the relocation of dogs from those areas of abundance to areas of need. To that end, we rescue dogs from high-kill shelters in other states and relocate them to new homes in New Hampshire. We are dedicated to saving and re-homing highly adoptable shelter dogs to caring, permanent homes ~ to provide each of them with a devoted Guardian who will guarantee their canine companion a safe and loving environment for the rest of his/her life. Every dog that is adopted from CANINE GUARDIANS FOR LIFE has already been altered, is current on all vaccinations, is heartworm-negative, and is on heartworm and flea/tick preventative.


The very first step in our adoption procedure is to completely fill out our application at ONLY at that point can we contact you and assist you in your search for the perfect rescue canine companion for you and your family.

WE ARE NOT A SHELTER, NOR DO WE HAVE ANY FACILITY WHATSOEVER IN NH. All of our dogs are in foster or kennel situations, some in the south and some in NH. DUE TO LIMITED VOLUNTEER ASSISTANCE, WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO ADOPT WITHIN NEW HAMPSHIRE AND IMMEDIATE VICINITY (the areas of MA north and south of Boston, southern Maine only to Portland, and a very few areas of VT).

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN: Because of past experience, although we consider each situation individually, we now rarely adopt to families with MULTIPLE younger children, unless there is a securely fenced-in yard!

PLEASE NOTE: Due primarily to personnel limitations, we are ABSOLUTELY unable to consider applicants who may not have a computer!

Canine Guardians for Life, Inc.
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