Circle of Friends Humane Society

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Visit our website at for more information about our organization and the services we provide. Please visit our shelter at 4375 North Washington Street, Grand Forks ND to see all the pets available for adoption.

Who We Are

The Circle of Friends Humane Society gives pets of all kinds a second chance for a permanent, loving home. We accept each stray animal that comes to our door. Our mission is to shelter and care for lost, unwanted animals, to place them into humane environments, and to implement programs which increase everyone's awareness of their responsibilties to all animals.

Adopting a friend

We want to find great homes for the pets at the Circle of Friends Humane Society. The approval of an adoption is based on an application process as well as interaction with the pet. Adoption applications are available on our website at It is a requirement of the adoption that all pets not sterilized at the time of adoption be sterilized by the adopter by a specific date.
Adoption fees:
Dogs/Puppies (Unsterilized) $85 ($10 Refunded)
Dogs/Puppies (Sterilized) $85 - $130
Dogs/Puppies (Purebred) $150 ($75 Refunded)
Cats/Kittens (Unsterilized) $55 ($10 Refunded)
Cats/Kittens (Sterilized) $80
Gerbils/Hamsters/Rats/Mice $8
Guinea Pigs $15
Birds/Reptiles $10-$75
Rabbits $35
Ferrets $60

Circle of Friends Humane Society
4375 North Washington.
Grand Forks ND 58203
Phone: 701-775-3732
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