Cassy **FEATURED DOG** CASSY & her pups!
Cassy and her 5 puppies were rescued from a high kill shelter in their last hours. Cassy was such a good mamma to her pups, and now they are all ready for their furever homes. Several of the puppies have been adopted, but we still have a few "H" puppies left. And Cassy is looking for her furever home too. She is sweet girl.... very loving and quiet! We think she is an American Stafforshire Terrier, labrador & hound mix. Please let us know if you want to meet her (or her puppies) by filling out the Adoption Application below! SHE WILL BE at EVENTS THIS WEEKEND !!

Love Mutts Rescue

Our Adoptable Pet List

Happy (Adopted) Tails!

Our Adoption Application ~ If you are planning to come meet a dog by appointment or at an adoption event, we would like to have this short application filled out ahead of time. Please inform your veterinarian that we will be calling,so they will be able to answer a few questions , as we check this reference !

Our Foster Registration Form ~ If you would like to foster for us, please fill out this form to be added to our foster list. The information will help us place a dog that would be a good fit in your household.

<---- OUR "DONATE" BUTTON: Click here to pay adoption deposits or fees, order a Love Mutts Calendar, or make a donation to our organization. Please specify in the "note to seller" section the intention of your donation. If it is for a specific dog or cat, please specify the name. Thank you for your support! Order your 2015 calendar for $20! Please add $6 if you need it mailed to you (we can send TWO calendars for same shipping charge...). Don't wait! Orders being accepted now! We will let you know when they may be picked up at adoption events or thru a volunteer you know..when we reply that we received your 'donation~order' you may let us know... Thank you!

Most of our dogs are IN FOSTER in the *RALEIGH* area, some at Kerr Lake (I-85@ NC/VA border), some in Virginia. Our rescue is NOT a shelter.

All of our adult dogs are spayed/neutered,micro-chipped, vaccinated & on heartworm, flea & tick preventative. Our dogs are adopted with a contract that they receive follow up vet care, and are kept as house dogs.

WE SAVE MANY HOUNDS..they are NOT good for hunting..they are FAMILY DOGS! They just need a fenced yard to keep them safe.
FOSTERED IN HIGHPOINT**AMAZING GRACE "GRACIE" & Roscoe ~ about 40 lbs, white, fuzzy hound mix, shy, bonds deeply and just needs a loving home. She was found at a church & spent a month w/ an older couple in their home..needs a fenced yard..(couple have health issues~would love to have kept her) great w/ cats !!
We have FOUR hounds who each have sponsorship toward their adoption fees.Newell, & .THREE Seniors: Jade, June Bug, & Rudolph

All of our dogs are available to meet by appointment and some come to ADOPTION EVENTS
Crazy Happy Dog UPCOMING ADOPTION EVENTS Crazy Happy Dog
(updates completed on the night before each event , so keep checking !)
Dogs also available by appointment ...please come 1/2 hour before end of event, bring vet reference, please
IF you would like to take home (foster or adoption) SAME DAY, Please fill out SHORT APPLICATION above 'donation button' now..We will also email you more information

SUNDAY, Nov. 23rd... Cary, NC ~ Paws in the City ~ 12:30 to 330 w/ dogs to foster/adopt ~ +++

**SAMMI (female~white) & SYDNEY (male~yellow) are about 7 weeks old..were found under a house..brought to our vet...available now...
**CASSY ~ momma to the *H* puppies.... super sweet, submissive, wants to please dog! She's about 50 pounds.... amstaff/lab/hound mix, her muzzle is alot like a hound dog/pointer !
**HARWIN big sweet hound boy, loved by his foster and very attached. Was adopted and returned for being "too loving". Went into boarding, then into new foster where he did not get along with their dog. This was a first for Harwin who is usually so mellow, and we think he is sad and missing his original foster. We all love him and want him to find a furever home.
**BENTLEY ~ 6 year old basset/ beagle.... about 34 pounds... sweet & cute lovebug., super house dog...easy on leash...fenced yard . He will come by 1 o'clock !
**SONNY ~ ~ we just save his life...owner was walking into vet office...I was petting him..she said she was having him pts because no one wanted him..he had been a stray at her home for several months...I had to take him into our rescue..such a happy boy!! a house beagle...great w/ children, other dogs, cats...just has to stay quiet & dry !!
**FELICITY Fully vetted tiny kitten

**Dogs in Boarding ~ We would like have fosters for these during Thanksgiving week. These are house dogs, family dogs, with some 'challenges' ! Please contact the RESCUE and not the boarding facility, if you are able to help us! SOME MAY have RIDE to events this weekend

**ELSA ~ happy, sweet, and energetic border collie mix, FUN dog!
**NEWELL ~ house trained hound dog...tri-colored, 2 yrs old, under 50 pounds, great on leash...calm, quiet, crate trained, too $75 sponsor on adoption fee

**ACE ~ Mr Personality...has lived his whole life in a kennel. He is 2.5 years old. For the past 10 months, he's been at my home. He gets to run FREE morning & night because, when he found a way 'out', he never left our big yard. He would jump on the back of the dog house and go right back in the kennel on his own. I fixed the place and I let him out. He just seems to want to be with me, but doesn't know how to be still. I wish I was outside more to have him just be my buddy outside. I am looking for a different type home/family for him...please let me know if he might be a good fit for you.

>>>>***New volunteers must fill out the FOSTER Registration form by by donation button <<<

** ~

** ~

**Dogs in Boarding ~ We are in need of fosters for many of our dogs in boarding. We MUST have fosters for them during Thanksgiving week. These are house dogs, family dogs! Please contact the RESCUE and not the boarding facility, if you are able to help us!

TO MEET BY APPOINTMENT during the week ! We can meet by appointment at Petsmarts in Greenville, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, etc. Contact us to let us know who you want to meet......

These dogs just need their fur-ever homes...have happy fostering **DODGE ~ 45 lb, BLACK lab/corgi or cattle dog mix...really super nice house dog, gets along w/ his foster buddy great !! leaves bunnies alone !
**BLAZE ~ 6 year old basset/ beagle.... about 32 pounds... sweet & cute lovebug., super house dog...easy on leash...fenced yard
**UMBER ~ 4 year old beagle.... about 20 pounds... sweet & cute lovebug., super house dog...easy on leash...fenced yard , very shy of men
**KAYTI ~ her puppies are adopted now..she is so beautiful, 40 , will scale a fence...but, very content to be loving in your home..great family dog
**MOWKIE ~ little lab/ sweet...she is a year old..!
**RUDOLPH ~ our almost senior beagle/ loved by his foster family, but needs his own home! 35 lb HOUSE dog! sponsored $100 of adoption fee paid!
**JUNE BUG & JADE ~ senior girls, sweet dogs, house dogs who love children, but need quiet homes. 55 lbs, maybe 8 years old--NEEDS NEW FOSTER! $100 sponsor for each's adoption fee
** ELNORA (Ella) ~ RALEIGH jogger....2+ miles a day! See Fairmont (adopted)& Elnora's video as WRAL TV's Pet of the Day!
** WESTON ~ ONLY 7 weeks old...... MOM 40 sweet...
** HANA ~ Mama & babies were rescued from a high kill shelter in their last hours. This family is so amazing.... we're so glad they are getting another chance to find homes and become part of a family. We think they are Lab/Hound/AmStaff mixes. 15-20 lbs..3-4 months old...spay/neutered....but look at video.... foster mom calls HEDY... Harmony because she perks up to music..... such a cutie! See WRAL TV's Pet of the Day video!

** HANS ~ Mama & babies were rescued from a high kill shelter in their last hours. This family is so amazing.... we're so glad they are getting another chance to find homes and become part of a family. We think they are Lab/Hound/AmStaff mixes. 15-20 lbs..3-4 months old...spay/neutered....but look at video.... foster mom calls HEDY... Harmony because she perks up to music..... such a cutie! href="">See WRAL TV's Pet of the Day video!
**KITTENs ~ 2, Icabod & Salem...bonded 6 month old kitties...& Felicity, tiny kitten !!
**SIERRA ~ Am . Staff. Ter. sweet girl, has been in foster, needs home or new foster works full time...w/ wild life, so they want a perfect home for this sweet dog!
**ROXIE ~ a favorite family small lab mix, only 45 lbs...great w/ all !!
**BRIGETTE ~ YOUNG puppy ! just over 4 months old.... sweet, SHY, pup! 30 lbs...gets along great w/ kids, other dogs..all sizes !! SHEPHERD MIX, MAYBE HOUND...great on leash..adjusts to new people easily !!
Zena **ZENA ~ One of the SWEETEST dogs to wind up at the shelter because she needed an expensive surgery. She is a rottweiler mix , who is winning the hearts of everyone she meets !! We saved her and raised money to pay for her surgery, but we need a FOSTER CARE PERSON who can help her through her recovery. PLEASE HELP US >>> DONATE, SHARE, HELP US FIND A FOSTER HOME FOR HER TO RECOVER! Donation button is above!!! Please mark donation "FOR ZENA" She certainly would love to be adopted...she will always need to be careful..owner to be careful w/ the exercise she may do and should do , to recover & to maintain a healthy life syle ! a quiet home, a fenced yard , no other dogs that need to play....UPDATE: Zena has left THE VET HOSPITAL, she is IN BOARDING..she needs quiet & short leash walks...she has built up muscle mass, so HAS perked up quickly ...she is feeling so much better since the repair..will make someone an awesome new family member...thank you for continued donations...

Izzy**IZZY ~ 42 lb pocket pit ...... EVERYONE loves this little girl...she is EASY, loving, great w/ everyone...

***we have 'foster to adopt' with refund when returned.... Dogs are available until they go into foster to adopt, or a deposit is put on them.
We DO adopt by appointment, so even our Pet Of Day, may get adopted before coming to the event. Contact us if you have strong interest in one particular dog/puppy.

***WE NEED FOSTERS!*** Please help us get some out of boarding! FOSTERS SAVE LIVES!!!
Even if you can just foster for ONE week - pick up after adoption event on Sunday and return at start of next event on following Saturday!
We also need long term fosters willing to keep a dog until adoption. Please let us know if you are interested in more information about fostering!

**LOST in Raleigh: Marley...a 25 lb black & gold beagle..came out of her collar..microchipped...
**LOST In Goldsboro: Jangles...30 lb black/gold beagle is LOST * can not care for herself..only 10 months and very frightened... microchipped

*Low cost RABIES & MICROCHIP are sponsored by many county animal shelters. Check with your local shelter for offerings.!
*Affordable options for SPAY/NEUTER, saves more lives going forward ! Check out .... and

Anyone may call this number for Health Insurance...I highly recommend for puppies! 1-877-291-PETS (7387) It is thru Petfinder. The first month cost is FREE , if you continue, it is about $15 per month--


Contact email: (if we do not reply in 24 hours..try: PLEASE DO NOT email both)

Join us at

Thank you for visiting LOVE MUTTS RESCUE! Please take a look at all of our adoptable dogs. We hope we can help you find your new best friend!

**Donate at adoption events or on Pay Pal to help with vet costs for dumped dogs who require extra vet care!. We ask for donations because our adoption fees never require extra vet expenses.

PET of DAY ~ WRAL TV , channel 5: once a month, mostly Sundays TBA for 2014.


*Adoptions on site with vet references, please!
*Donations greatly appreciated!
*Paypal donations will help cover vet expenses for animals..these are not added to the adoption fees...thank you so much!
*Food in sealed bags, canned and TREATS much needed!
*Virginia folks, we are happy to meet during the week at the Cracker Barrel in South Hill off I-85!

>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>


Welcome to the place where all dogs are loved!
Love Mutts Rescue was founded to provide a group of people the 'avenue' to rescue animals from shelters. These shelters, and anyone who turns over a stray, can depend on these animals getting the proper vetting needed, proper fostering to care for them until adopted, and places to have adoption events so the rescue & the rescued could interact w/ potential homes. We rely on volunteers to open their homes to foster, which is the only 'limiting' factor to save more.
The story of the starfish is our "motto"...
IT matters to THIS we strive to save more of these 'voiceless' creatures.
Hebrews 13:2. "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels"
Love Mutts, since Aug. 1st, 2010--has placed over 2,000 dogs (& kitties) !
The founder, Marlianne Midyette, has been rescuing dogs/cats for 7+ years. With the help of a small 'village' of volunteers, she has overseen 4,500 dogs saved and placed (plus over 140 cats)!

Look for animals on these sites, too: - nice shelter in Warrenton, NC; shelter in Henderson, NC. There are many groups on FACEBOOK which serve the county shelters - there are so many dogs, puppies, cats, kittens available in shelters! Please adopt a shelter pet or rescue!

We have our rescues in foster homes. If you are interested in fostering and live in our area, please email: . We accept donations at our adoption events. (Food, money, puppy pens)

Adopt your new best friend from a rescue or a shelter, get them spayed or neutered between the ages of 4 and 6 months! Saving Lives in Raleigh 919-772-0211 and low-cost spay/neuter... PAL 804-359-6369--prevent a liter 3421 W. Cary St..Richmond, Va 23231

Love Mutts

Raleigh, NC 27675 (many fostered in Raleigh area
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