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Who We Are

Peak Lab Rescue, formerly Moore Labs, was started as a hobby. It has grown tremendously over the past 5 years.
We now have 8 foster homes where we house 20-25 dogs at time.
Together we have placed over 1700 rescued labs, who were doomed to die in shelters, in happy homes.
We do it purely for the love of labs. Our dogs are altered, vaccinated, housebroken and crate trained.

Adopting a friend

If you find a lab you are interested in on our website please complete the online application.
Applications are reviewed within 72 hrs.
Once you have been approved as an adopter, you will receive an adoption contract
and we will call you and set up a time for you to meet your new lab.

If you do not see just the lab you are looking for,
feel free to send an email to Debbie at and let us know.
We will be glad to help you find the perfect new addition to your home.

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Peak Lab Rescue
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