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Petsaver-NC Rescue is a volunteer foster home program in central North Carolina with many adorable pets looking for forever homes as indoor family companions. Our caring volunteers are dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of abandoned or surrendered dogs and puppies. All dogs are rescued from local county kill shelters where they are temperament tested prior to acceptance into the rescue program. All foster dogs are provided appropriate medical care including vaccinations for rabies and 4 way combo, intestinal deworming, heartworm testing and prevention, flea prevention, vet exams, emergency medical care, and spaying or neutering prior to adoption. Many have started basic obedience training and crate training. Adoption donation for dogs is $175 which helps offset the food and medical expenses for the rescue program. Some of our dogs are sponsored, so only a portion of the adoption fee is paid by the adopter while a sponsor covers the balance. We offer a trial period with refund of adoption fee to ensure a smooth transition to a permanent home. Adopters are given educational resources for a successful adoption experience. Petsaver-NC Rescue makes a commitment to take an animal back into its rescue program should the adopter become unable to keep the animal. As the animals are socialized in foster care, our volunteers know their personalities and can guide adopters to the right match.

View Current Animals for Adoption

View photos and descriptions of pets presently available for adoption through Petsaver-NC Rescue. Click on the animal's name or picture for additional pictures and a detailed description of the pet. Use the right vertical bar to scroll down for additional dogs. Click "next" at the bottom of the pet list to view the next page of pet photos and descriptions.

Gallery of Petsaver-NC Adopted Animals

Click on the "Gallery of Petsaver-NC Adopted Animals" above to view some of the animals already adopted from Petsaver-NC Rescue to forever homes. These fortunate animals have been placed in forever homes and are no longer available for adoption.


DOG ADOPTION EVENT WILL BE HELD SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1 DURING THE HOURS 11AM-3PM AT THE TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY IN SILER CITY ON HIGHWAY 64 AT SILER CROSSING SHOPPING CENTER. COME MEET DOGS NEEDING FOREVER HOMES. DOGS WHO ARE CURRENTLY PLANNING TO ATTEND INCLUDE PENDLETON, PUMPKIN, HARRISON, OLIVER, LUKE, AND CHECKERS. A Petsaver-NC dog is shown the third Tuesday of each month as "pet of the day" on the WRAL channel 5 midday newscast. Tune in to meet a Petsaver-NC dog looking for a forever home. The pet of the day segment is shown approximately 12:45 pm. Many thanks to WRAL for promoting adoption of rescued pets! Pets of the day are archived on the WRAL tv website for one week or longer after their live telecast..


Petsaver-NC invites you to join us in the effort to find homes for rescued dogs. We currently need volunteers to socialize dogs, teach them basic commands and leash walking, or take dogs on outings to expose them to new life experiences. We welcome scouts and home schooled groups as well as students looking for some volunteer community service hours. While you're walking for exercise or to lose weight, why not take a dog with you who needs some human attention? If you love animals and want to join the mission to find forever homes for rescued dogs and pups, a Petsaver-NC representative would love to talk with you about volunteer opportunities. It's rewarding to see an uncertain rescued dog transform into a more adoptable, confident dog because you took the time to reach out and help.Students earning the Durham Mayor's Award, Presidential Award, or school service hours may enjoy animal welfare activities while earning necessary hours. Email us at for more information.


Petsaver-NC would appreciate donations of the following new or used items: towels and blankets, dog bedding, worn or stained clothing that might be used as rags or crate bedding, stuffed toys, tennis balls, metal or plastic bowls, adult dog and puppy food (dry or canned), plastic or metal crates, collars, leashes, paper towels, hand sanitizer, doggie bones and treats, bleach, ammonia, disinfectants, flea prevention products, Kuranda dog beds, copy paper, and any type shampoo. Thanks for any items you can donate!!!

How to Adopt a Petsaver-NC Pet

So now that you've fallen in love with a pet's photo, what's the next step? Please email for an adoption application. Once you submit the completed adoption application, the animal's foster caregiver will schedule a convenient time for you to meet the pet. Applicants must be at least 22 years old and financially independent.

Where to Meet Petsaver-NC Animals

Petsaver-NC is not a facility. It is a network of volunteer foster caregivers who keep foster animals safely in their homes until the animals are adopted by a permanent family. Petsaver-NC does not have regular public visitation hours. Meet dogs at the foster home after your online application has been submitted. Request an application at

FREE TRAINING VIDEOS: Need some new ideas for pet training and behavior modification? Click this link to access a wonderful library of short video clips about common dog and cat training issues.

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