Saint Harvey

A fter nearly eight years and hundreds of Saint Bernards (and honorary Saints) the time has come for us to take a much needed rest. Through the dedication of a small core group this little rescue has saved so many - often at the personal expense of not only our pocketbook, but our family too. We have always been just plain ordinary folks with a love for these gentle giants of a dog, giving so much of our lives and our homes to truly make the world a better place, one saint at a time.

It's time we devote some time to our own families, our children, and most importantly our spouses. At the same time, we are not shutting down the rescue, we are just taking a more reserved approach to the whole adventure. We will no longer be dealing with so many dogs at one time - we will keep one or two needy Saints and/or Goldens and provide the care necessary to get them to a loving home. We simply do not have the resources - physically or financially - to deal with the volume of dogs we have the past few years.

While we cut back our operation, we will continue to honor our commitment to all the dogs adopted through us, as our contract states, if you can no longer keep your pet - you should contact us and make arrangements to return the dog to us. However, for those looking to relinquish ownership of their dog, unless you adopted him or her from us, we simply cannot accept any into rescue. Please use Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any of the countless search engines to locate a rescue near you that could possibly help.


Our adoption area is within 6 hours drive of Zip code 28390.
Check Google Maps.
saintly love

Spring Lake, NC 28390

NCSBGRR - Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
Status Pending

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