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June is Adopt-A-Cat-Month
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Our Adoptable Pet List

Check our web page and see what a great place we are and help the dream live. Catman2 has an over supply of cats right now. It seems like we are one of a few shelters that will take a rejected pet. Due to the economy, many owners are having to give up their cat(s). No reason to punish the cat because of the faults or problems of the owner! The result is that we have a lot of really nice cats that need new homes. Please help us. Tell a friend - STOP RIGHT HERE! We have the cat of your dreams and the best deal on the Web. All of our cats are feline leukemia negative, are up to date on vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. We offer a full refund of adoption fees for up to two months or more if you are not satisified. Our adoption fee is less than our Vet bill. If you ever need to give up your cat, we will find it a new home. We put the welfare of the cat first. We want everyone to be happy. We love our cats and want them to have the best. We are not in this for the money. CALL US AT 828 293 0892 e mail WE WILL RETURN YOUR CALL.. We want you to adopt a cat so we can rescue another.


Catman2 is a non profit, tax exempt, cats only, no kill shelter. We have been in operation for 15 years and have found homes for more than 3000 cats. Our cats come from government shelters, when time is up, from strays and as discarded pets. All visit a vet for tests and shots and if possible are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. We have a flat fee of $80.00 for any cat, which includes pure breed as well as alley cats. In our mind all cats are equal and in need of a safe lovinging homes. Ask about our return policy..with refund if not satisifed.

We are located in Cullowhee, North Carolina about 3 miles from the Main gate of Western Carolina University.WE SPECIALIZE IN ADULT CATS These are the cats that need the most help. We rescue them from shelters, find them as strays, or take then from people who must give them away. These are the cats few shelters want. Everyone wants kittens. Our mission is to help the adults, who for no fault of their own, need a new home.
WE ARE A NO KILL SHELTER and we live by our word. No healthy cat is euthanized to make room for others. We belive where there is life there is hope and sooner or later our adult cats find homes. For some it may take years. Many still await a compassionate person to come along. Will you consider being that person?

I think we operate THE LARGEST CAT'S ONLY SHELTER IN NORTH CAROLINA. Adopting your cat from us saves two lives. One is the cat you adopt. The other is the one we can rescue because you have given us space. Our numbers are limited by space, our work force, and our funding. We almost always are filled to capacity. Saving cats is our mission.
Some of our older cats that have been with us a 12 years or more. These cats will make great pets if given half a chance. Some are timid and do not act friendly around strangers. If you could find it in your heart to give one a chance I think in a few weeks you would have a loving friend and lifelong companion. With our return policy and full refund of adoption fee you can't lose. We take back a cat now and then, but most will find a way into your heart.
Call us at 1 828 293 0892 and and let's talk about this; I have several cats that have been in a shelter too long.
We often have some DE-CLAWED CATS looking for homes. We do not declaw cats and ask that you do not do so if you adopt a cat from us. We offer more humane solutions. However, once a cat has been declawed it cannot be undone. If you want a declawed cat this is the best way to get one. You save money and you save a cat a lot of pain.


Some of our cats are pure breed and may have papers. We make no extra charge for these cats. We treat the Tabby and the Siamese with the same compassion.


If you cannot take a cat into your home consider supporting one by sponsoring a "SANCTUARY CAT". For a donation of only $15 a month you can help us support a "hard to place " cat. For your donation you will receive a photograph of your cat , its history, and updates. Should it find a real home you will be sent a list of other availible candidates. It cost is more than $2.00 a day to shelter a cat. Your contribution lessens the burden on us and will warm your heart


Our operation runs on donations and we welcome what ever you can afford. We are non profit and 501 c 3. Please send a tax deductable donation to: Catman2 P O Box 2344 Cullowhee, NC 28723


I am 77 years old and may not be able to operate this shelter forever. Catman2 need some generous person or group who will provide funds for us to continue. The shelter and anything else can be added to the endowment and Catman2 can live on and grow. Know of anyone interested? Check our web page and see what a great place we are and help the dream live. We have an Auction the next to last Saturday of July and am accepting high quality items to sell. Call 828 293 0892 or e mail me if you wish to domate items. Art and crafts do well. as do high quality items, services, lodging in Bed and Breakfast, Resorts ,and other items. We also accept, throughout the year,. Used cars, boats, stocks and bonds, estates and bequests. PLEASE THINK OF CATMAN2 when you have something to give. We are non profit and donations may be tax deductable..

Thank you.

Catman2 Inc.
PO Box 2344
Cullowhee, NC 28723
Phone: 828 293 0892

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