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Our Featured Dog...Murphy

Murphy was found lying in the middle of the median on the highway. He had been hit by a vehicle and left to die. The guy who stopped to check on him, said when he got close to him, he started to wag his tail. That was Murphy's way of telling him, "THANK YOU," for stopping to help me. He was taken to the vet and evaluated. His pelvis had been broken and he could not walk. Murphy is continuing to improve, but it is going to take some time. What hasn't been damaged is his heart. If you would like to help contribute to his medical expenses please contact us at or 601-529-1535. Or if you would like to use a credit card, you can donate directly to our vet, Animal Medical Clinic, 601-636-9410 (just give them Murphy's name when making the donation) or you can send a check to Paws Rescue, PO Box 13, Redwood, MS 39156.

Our Featured Cat..Jersey

Jersey is a beautiful black and white cat with lots and lots of personality!! She loves to cuddle -- she is definitely a lap cat! Jersey is also very playful and enjoys games with her foster family and likes to play hide and chase with their cat. Jersey has been spayed and vaccinated and is a healthy, beautiful girl who now just needs to be adopted into a home of her very own! If you are interested in adopting this beauty, please email or call 601-529-1535. Jersey's adoption fee is only $25. Paws Rescue conducts veterinarian reference checks and home visits prior to finalizing adoptions.

Upcoming Events

Paws Rescue dogs, Mary Carson and Murphy will attend an H&R Block fundraiser for Paws Rescue Saturday March 8 at the H&R Block on Indiana Avenue in Vicksburg from 11 am until 2 pm. The H&R Block benefit will raise funding for Murphy who is recovering from a broken pelvis (he was hit by a car before being rescued by Paws Rescue) and must also be treated for heartworms. Please stop by and show your support for H&R Block, Paws Rescue and homeless pets! To help with Murphy's medical expenses,, please send a check to Paws Rescue, PO Box 13, Redwood, MS 39156.

Paws Rescue's Lifesaving Progress

Paws Rescue is committed to saving as many animal lives as possible by promoting life-long adoptions, maintaining an active volunteer foster program and by implementing strong community spay and neuter programs. Paws Rescue's annual 2014 goals are to spay or neuter 464 cats, 198 dogs and to facilitate at least 121 adoptions. The goals reflect a 10 percent increase over 2013 accomplishments. As of Feb 28, 2014, Paws Rescue spayed or neutered and vaccinated 72 cats and 27 dogs. Thirty pets have been adopted and four dogs have been treated for heartworms and three dogs treated for mange. Paws Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit and an accredited Better Business Bureau Charity.

Thanks and Appreciation

Paws Rescue is providing high-quality, free spay/neuter services for homeless cats and kittens living in Vicksburg-Warren County, Mississippi. To humanely manage feral cat populations in the community, Paws Rescue will provide free spay/neuter surgeries and rabies vaccinations for 300 feral and stray felines over the next year, thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities ( We're on our way to making Vicksburg-Warren County a place where no more unwanted kittens are born and ultimately euthanized. Call us today at 601-529-1535 or email to make an appointment to get the stray and feral cats you are feeding and caring for fixed. Thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, Paws Rescue is continuing its Community Canine Neuter program by providing reduced spay/neuter services for dogs owned by Vicksburg-Warren County residents who are senior citizens, disabled or on a fixed income. If you have a dog that needs to be fixed, call us today at 601-529-1535 or email to make an appointment to get your dog spayed or neutered. Do the right thing and have your pet fixed -- it saves lives! Paws Rescue depends upon its volunteers, foster homes, feral colony caretakers and financial donors to continue its mission of rescuing, providing medical care and finding forever homes for our communities homeless animals. Thanks to all of the wonderful individuals and business who contribute each month with financial or food donations!

Homes Urgently Needed for Barn Cats!

A feral cat will keep your barn rodent free for the price of daily cat food, and you'll be helping to save a life! We have several beautiful, healthy, neutered and vaccinated feral cats that are looking for outdoor homes with a barn, shed, or other shelter. If you would like to adopt a barn cat (or several) e-mail us at or call 601-529-1535.


Paws Rescue asks you to help stop Mississippi's pet overpopulation by purchasing an "I Care for Animals" license plate. A portion of the fee from this this specialty plate will be sent to rescue's and shelters throughout Mississippi to help spay, neuter and care for homeless animals. Opt to Adopt! -- Please adopt a rescued dog or cat from a rescue, shelter or pound instead of purchasing an animal from a pet store. You save the life of a homeless animal while at the same time sending a strong message to the the horrible puppy mills that you do NOT support their actions! Keep your pets safe! Be sure all pets are wearing current identification tags and consider microchipping your pet for easy and permanent identification. According to a recent study conducted by the Humane Society of the United States, in Mississippi more than 109,000 homeless animals enter shelters each year and of these 73,000 are killed because of a lack of adoptive homes. Please keep your pets from contributing to the problem! If you need to spay or neuter your pet cat or dog, contact Mississippi SPay and Neuter (MS SPAN) toll free to learn about its voucher program and its Big Fix Clinic located at 2104 Old Brandon Road, Pearl, MS. MS SPAN offers low-cost spay or neuter service for both dogs and cats. Please phone 1-866-901-7729 to make an appointment to have your pet fixed. Clinic hours are 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Have a heart and do your part to stop animal over population in Mississippi! Have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered today! Paws Rescue is a network of volunteer foster homes, not a shelter. The more volunteer foster homes, the more animals we can save. If you live in the Vicksburg area and are interested in fostering a dog or cat, please contact Paws Rescue at 601-529-1535 for more information. Paws Rescue is committed to assisting any dog or cat in need and does not concentrate on rescuing any one particular animal breed. There are always many wonderful mixed-breed dogs of all sizes and personalities and both long-hair and short-hair adorable cats of all colors available for adoption through Paws Rescue. All pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for any illnesses or injuries before placed into their forever homes. If you live in Vicksburg or Warren County and are feeding stray or feral cats that need to be spayed or neutered, contact Paws Rescue for assistance at Additionally, if you can support Paws Rescue's efforts to humanely care for feral and stray cats by providing a bag of cat food each month, please contact Leigh at 601-529-1535.

Our Needs

Dry Cat Food Volunteers to help socialize rescued pets Volunteers to help with fundraising events Volunteers to assist with pet transportation Foster Homes for Dogs, Cats and Kittens! Heartguard or Interceptor for all sizes of dogs Frontline Flea and Tick medication (all sizes) Cat carriers and humane live traps for TNR program