DeSoto County Animal Shelter

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Happy Tails!


We still have alot of kittens available. We are in need of wet dog food for puppies and mamas.

Who Let the Dogs Out???? Desoto County Animal Service has come along way from being the “dog pound” with “dogcatchers”. Now we are Animal Service with trained Animal Control Officers and Technicians. Our shelter opened in Feb 2004 and over 30,000 pets have passed through our doors. We have a new testing and vaccination program and can offer you healthier pets to adopt. The adoption fee is $25.00. Our available pets can be seen on our web page, or you can come into the shelter and visit them. Things to consider before adopting a pet; Money, money, money - And not just for pet food. They must be vaccinated yearly, spayed/neutered, have parasite control, toys, collars, leashes, shelter… Doctor, Doctor, give me the news - Take all new pets to Vet for full check up, before bringing home. Are your pets up to date on vaccinations? Bringing any new animals into your family could put your current pets at risk. Puppies and kittens need 3 sets of shots, 3 weeks apart, and adult dogs 2 sets, 1 month apart if they do not have a current shot record. No matter how careful we are there is always a risk that illness may show up, even after vaccinations. Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64? -Adoption is a lifetime commitment. They are a part of your family. They need training, interaction, walks, and playtime, just like a child. Puppies are cute, but they grow up. Are you ready for housetraining, the chewing and play? Do you have a fenced yard? Unchain my heart -How are you going to contain the dog? Tethering, chaining or outside kennels, are not good long-term options. Dogs put in these types of circumstances can turn aggressive. Dogs must have socialization skills, and positive human interaction for proper development. If not they will be hard to control and could be a danger to people and other pets. So Are you ready? And If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places… Find your Endless love .

IF YOU CANNOT ADOPT BUT WOULD LIKE TO HELP~~ We can use wet dog and cat food. All donations are greatly appreciated!
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Adopting a friend

Adoption Fee: $25.00 plus proof of pre-paid rabie shot for animals over 3 months of age.

Come Visit Us!

Directions to our shelter: Follow Highway 51 south until you reach Starlanding Rd., turn west, drive approximately 1/2 mile to Gwynn Rd., turn south, follow road until you see a blue Animal Shelter sign, follow arrow and turn on Humane Way. Shelter will be located at the end of Humane Way. For mapquest enter address 2373 Gwynn Rd

Shelter Hours:

Monday- Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm

Saturday 8:00am- 1:00pm

DeSoto County Animal Shelter
Director Monica Mock
1251 Humane Way
Nesbit, MS 38651
Phone: 662-469-8004


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