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Is always in need of foster homes, volunteers, pet treats, donations, blankets, pet crates, paper towels, bath towels...just anything that may be needed to care for the animals We have been asked by many people how can we help? What do you need? I have put together a list of our needs to make life just a little easier for our shelter animals: Newspapers Paper Towels Bleach Clorox Wipes Old Blankets Old Sheets Old Towels Treats for dogs Toys Bones Fleece Can food We go through lots of cleaning supplies, toys. Food, food, food. Because the animals come from less than perfect situations, we need to make sure we make the situations better for them and make it feel like home here to them.

Who We Are

The Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter was founded in 1989. The shelter was a very small 12 run concrete block building that didn't even have a door. In 1992, the City of Cleveland and Bolivar County jointly erected a 30x50 facility with 20 runs and a small cat room. Within 10 years it became painfully obvious that the shelter was not big enough. It took 3 more years of planning, raising money and meetings, but the new Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter is now a premier facility that is in the forefront of leadership for surrounding communities. It now has 52 runs on the inside. 5 10x10 on the outside and 10 other runs outside. We would love for anyone to drop by and just look at the shelter to see how the shelter looks.

Please feel free to contact us at any time and drop by!

We work with alot of rescues. We are very rescue friendly. We want to get as many animals into forever homes that we can.

Adopting a Friend

Adopting an animal is a very serious undertaking. People that are considering adopting a pet should carefully consider both the positive and negative aspects of owning a pet. Ask yourself first and foremost, are you willing to care for this pet the rest of its life NO MATTER WHAT? Are you financially able to care for a pet even in an emergency? Do you have proper facilities for a large dog? a small dog? a cat? Does your future include a pet? Will you take your pet on vacation? If not who will be their caretaker? Are you willing to pay someone to care for your pet if the need arises? Are you a responsible pet owner? Are you willing to help control the pet overpopulation by having your pet spayed or neutered? Are you willing to take the responsibility for damages that your pet may cause? Are you willing to provide a safe environment for your pet, no matter the cost? Have you thought this through? If you have not considered that the adoption of a pet is a life time commitment, please do NOT adopt a pet. You are not helping an animal if you adopt it and then abandon it. So please think about the future when adopting a pet. Adopting pets out is very important to us, however, we are dedicated to placing the unwanted in PERMANENT homes. We reserve the right to refuse to adopt and animal to anyone. "Because we care"

Volunteering and Donations

We ask that donations be sent to our address and we deeply appreciate of any assistance. Volunteers are always needed and much utilized!! We are currently needing donations to help out with some of the vaccination costs. Without vaccinations, our shelter animals are very succeptible to communicable and often fatal diseases. Foster homes are also the best thing our volunteers can offer! Foster homes help acclimate the animals to living in a home environment and help us learn more about them!

Come Visit Us!

We are open Tue-Fri. from 12 am to 5:30 and Sat. from 10-2 The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday. All animals get microchiped and get 30 days of Pre- Paid Shelter Care Insurance.

Turn off Hwy 61 west on Carpenter St and go through 2 stop signs. After the 2nd stop sign, about 1.2 blocks, you will see a trailer park and our Animal Shelter sign, take a right immediately before the trailer park and you will see a large tan metal building with a green awning. That is our home! COME SEE US!

Cleveland/Bolivar County Animal Shelter
200 W. Carpenter St.
Cleveland MS 38732
Phone: 662-846-1155
Cleveland/Bolivar Co. Animal Shelter 200 West Carpenter Street Cleveland, Ms. 38732 (662) 846-1155 Email: Date Received: Approved: Not Approved: Reason: Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter Rep: Animal ID Adopted:
All questions contained in this application will remain confidential and will be used only by the rescue. Your information will NEVER be sold or given to any other organization.
Email Address:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Daytime Phone:
Evening Phone:
Birth Date :
ID Number and Type:
How many Individuals live in this house hold?
How many Children under 13 live in this house hold?
Housing Information:
If you rent or lease does your rental agreements allow pets? • Yes • No
Do all family members want to adopt? ___ Yes ____ No If no, please explain:
What about this particular animal makes you think it would be a good addition to your family?
Do any family members have allergies to animals? __ Yes __ No If yes, please explain management plan:
Vet Name:
Vet Phone Number: <
Do you have a fenced yard? ___Yes ___ No
Are or would your animal(s) primarily be (check one): __ exclusively indoors __ exclusively outdoors __ primarily indoors __ primarily outdoors
For dogs: When letting your dog(s) out, they will be: __ fenced yard __ run __ leashed __ tethered/chained
For dogs: Dogs will be outside: __ only with us or to “do their business” __most of the day __ part of the day __ all day __ all night
On average, how many hours a day would the animal be without human companionship?
Where will the animal sleep at night?
Where will the animal be during the day or night when you are not home?
Are you aware that animals who enter a new environment may regress (have accidents, be destructive) for a while? __ Yes ___ No
How would you deal with such behavior?
If you had to move from your home, what would you do with your animals?
(please include all animals currently living at the home)
Species and Breed
Spayed or Neutered?__ Yes__ No (if no explain)
Up to Date on Vaccinations?__ Yes__ No (if no explain)
Prior Animals
(please include all animals previously living at the home)
Species and Breed
eason No Longer Living In Household
Date you would be able to adopt:
Are you willing to have a representative from the rescue visit your home? ___ Yes ___ No
Have you ever been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, or animal cruelty? ___Yes ___ No
Completing this form in no way obligates you to adopt an animal. An animal shelter representative who will answer your questions and review your options will contact you. For more information please contact Gary Singley at or call (662) 846-1155.
I hereby certify that the information on this application is true:

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