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KC Maltese Rescue joined Northcentral Maltese Rescue and now all dogs on this site are owned by NMR. Adoption applications and interviews will be done by NMR.

This is an exciting new development that will strengthen the efforts of the Kansas City fosters and benefit the dogs for a life time.

Thank You 


Adopting A Friend

There is no shelter facility; all dogs live in private homes and they are taught how to behave and have house manners.

visit http://malteserescue.homestead.com/AdoptionProcess.html this link to learn about the adoption process.

click here to fill out the application http://malteserescue.homestead.com/Application.html

Who We Are

We are a nationwide group of Maltese lovers that want these little dogs to be in loving homes.

We are convinced that no matter your income if you are loved by a Maltese dog you are WEALTHY!

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