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CHIEF, this 7yr old man is such a patient boy. He loves to play outside and with his shelter buddies. He is potty trained and ready for a new home. He is a wonderful man looking to live the rest of his long life with a family that appreciated his companionship. Come by the shelter to see him for yourself.


We are always looking for volunteeers to come and walk and socialize with our animals. Please come by and let us know what you would like to do to help. We are always willing to accept donations (ex. blankets, bleach, leashes, new toys (nylabones)). Donations also will help take care of the vet bills. FOSTER HOMES!!!! We are always looking for foster homes to help socialize the cats or dogs that live at the shelter. Please let us know if Fostering is an option for you if Adoption is not. Food will be provided for those that are fostered.

Who We Are

We are the city animal shelter for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats. We are committed to responsible pet ownership and are aiding in the relief of pet overpopulation.

Adopting a friend

As springs is approaching all of our wonderful shelter animals would love to take a long walk with you!!!! Please come by and show them that they are all loved as well. If you see an animal you would like to adopt, please visit the animal shelter to fill out an application. NEW for 2014: Dogs under 6 months adoption fee is $100, Dogs over 6 months adoption fee is $75 (depending on dog), and cats adoption fee is $25 or 2 for $40. We do offer a 2 week trial program to help make sure your new companion is the right fit. We always do our best trying to match one of our furry friends to your situation. Please call for more information.

Come Visit Us!

Our Public Hours: Mon.-Fri. -- 9am to 12pm We prefer that everyone come to visit the animals during these public hours, but if those hours absolutely do not work, please call for appointment and we can make arragements.
Montgomery City Animal Shelter
915 Benton Street

Montgomery City, MO 63361
Phone: 573-340-DOGS
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