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We are in the process of raising money to build a new shelter.

We celebrated our 18th year of operation on January 26 of this year.





Adopting A Friend

We have many beautiful pets to choose from, both dogs and cats.  Most of these are featured on PetFinder. 

All DCAWS pets are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped prior to adoption. 

Adoption fees are variable, depending on many factors, as low as $60 on dogs that have been there a while and $40 for cats with same situation, more for those recently in and extra for cats combo tested, but  very rarely are fees over $175.  Special rates are generally given to those adopting more than one pet.  Puppies, very small dogs and purebred pets are higher while we will give breaks if needed to those adopting a long-time resident or one with special needs or if a senior discount is requested, etc.  The miltary also get discounts if they let us know.


Who We Are

We are a small shelter serving a rural area.  We do have a wide base of support and many volunteers in the St. Louis area.  We are a no-kill shelter (euthanasia limited to the vicious or terminally illl), with an annual rate of .0008%. 

We are always overly full..  We try very hard, working endlessly at trying to place pets in good homes.   We have a shoestring budget and are pretty much a no-frills operation, but we do have heart and the pets with us are loved and well cared for until time of placement.  Please don't be unhappy for those at the shelter a long time because, for many of them, this is the best they have ever had it:  Food, water, protection from the elements, veterinary care and people who treat them kindly.

Come Visit Us

We are located in Salem, Missouri in Masters Industrial Park on Highway 32 East.  Adoption hours are 1-5 p.m. seven days a week.  Please call (573)308-6365 if special arrangements are needed.

For those closer to St. Louis, we visit the PetSmart in Brentwood nearly every weekend (and also have many pets in foster care in St. Louis).       DCAWS will be there Saturday, February 16, 10:30-5 and back on Saturday, February 23, at the same hours and on Sunday the 23rd, 1-5 for the February adopt-athon.  Also, we have cats in the cat room at Brentwood every day and on most Sunday afternoons if you'd like to see them.  Please let us know if you see a particular pet you'd like to have brought up.

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