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Saline Animal League

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The Saline Animal League is a small number of caring persons who do all in their power to see that no healthy adoptable animal that comes into the Marshall Animal Sheler is euthanized. We volunteer at the shelter cleaning, taking animals to the vet, feeding, watering, grooming, and socalizing the animals. We travel 90 miles every Saturday to PetSmart in Liberty, Missouri and North Kansas City for adoption days. We are willing to meet people after hours to let them see our animals. We do everything in our power to find homes for the animals. We do need your help; spay/neuter your pet. This is the only way the population of pets will become manageable and every pet will get the loving home it deserves. Who We Are

The Saline Animal League was founded on June 5, 1997 by Myra Copeland in memory of her sister Mahala Copeland Cox, a local artist and animal lover. After a visit to the local animal shelter, Myra realized the overwhelming need for a concerned group of citizens to combat the number of neglected and homeless animals in Marshall: SAL is funded completely by donations and money raising functions. All work is accomplished by volunteers. Saline Animal League does not have ANY paid staff members.

Adopting a Friend

All the animals at the shelter are treated like an extended family member. We know their personality, likes/dislikes, and will be able to guide you on the pet best suited for your home. They do tend to get spoiled slightly and tend to pay more attention to the volunteer than the potential adopters. This only shows how they will act toward the person adopting them when they become the caregiver. When you email us about a pet, we will tell you everything about the pet, not trying to discourage the adoption, just letting you know exactly what we know about the pet. The adoption fee is $90 for dogs, $80 for cats. This includes, shots, spay/neuter, worming, heartworm check, FIV & FeLuk check, and lots of TLC.

Volunteering and Donations

Saline Animal League needs volunteers urgently. If you cannot come to the shelter could you: foster a critter in need, help with money raising projects, take care of flowers in front of shelter, give a donation (money or otherwise). The Shelter can always use blankets, towels and washcloths. We try to have every dog have a blanket to lay on so they don't have to lay on the cold concrete. Some dogs shred theirs and puppies also play with theirs.

Come Visit Us!

Go 10 miles north of I-70 on hwy 65; this will get you to Marshall. Go bypass 65 to the intersection of 65 and 20 hwy. Turn right, go straight till you get to the four way stop at Miami St. Turn left on Miami, past RR tracks, turn right on Boyd St. Take the first right on Grant St.!
Map to our shelter
You can donate your used vehicle to Saline Animal League for a tax credit for the fair market value of your vehicle. Depending on the "marketability " of your vehicle, you could be money-ahead by donating. Click on the V-DAC icon to find out more.
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Saline Animal League
P.O. Box 743
Marshall MO 65340

Phone: (660)831-0420 (660)886-1762

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