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Rainbow Rescue has many, many kittens from age 8 weeks and up looking for permanent homes. While other rescues give you a coupon for a few dollars off the spay or neuter, that cost averages $250+ in the metro area for a spay. Our adoption fee includes a FREE spay/neuter and is considerably less than your total cost at another rescue. NEVER adopt a kitten from a pet store. Most are bred in catteries just like dogs are at puppy mills. Get a kitten that is very socialized and doesn't live in a cage. If you think you are getting a good "deal" by adopting a kitten for $5 from the newspaper you should consult a veterinarian for the costs of being a responsible owner. Those costs should include a vet exam, a feline leukemia test, 3 distemper shots, rabies shot, and the spay for females and neuter for male kittens. At most vets in the metro area your $5 kitten will be costing you over $300!! Please ask questions and compare before you adopt a kitten.


Rainbow Rescue is a participant in Purina's Rally to Rescue.



The uncertain economic times that we are all facing are taking a particuliarly bad toll on our feline friends. If you or your family has been considering adopting a cat or kitten, now is the time. Most rescues are full and like us are unable to provide for others until some are adopted out making space. We are getting many calls to take in cats and kittens because kitten season is in full swing.


Rainbow Rescue is looking for permanent homes for some great, friendly cats that could live outside on a hobby farm or acreage setting. The farms taking them would need to provide a place to confine them for 1-2 weeks until they know there is a food source and shelter. If you just release a cat on an unfamiliar farm they have no reason to stay. The cats need to have daily food supply (healthy cats will mouse more) and have a warm place to come in during the winter. Most of these cats are NOT wild. They are coming up to the person that cares for them but rescues are full, like we are, and can't take them. The cats are FREE and have been feline leukemia/FIV tested negative, have updated shots, and are all spayed or neutered. Contact 952.440.3824 if you can help out.


We are very much in need of foster homes to provide temporary shelter and love for cats and kittens that now need to come in. If you could be that special family, please call 952.440.3824 for information.


Love cats and kittens? Rainbow Rescue needs volunteers to help with the day-to-day maintenance of taking care of so many animals. It's fun, rewarding and the kitties will love it! Call 952.440.3824 to find out more!

Who We Are

We are a non-profit animal rescue organization run exclusively by volunteers. All of our animals are housed in foster homes to help promote a stable, loving environment until they can find their perfect new permanent home. Our purpose is to reduce the stray population and need for healthy animal euthanasia through spay/neuter programs, education, and promotion of respect for the furry creatures that share our lives.

Adopting a friend

We have many adult cats and kittens that are in need of permanent homes. If you are interested in one of our animals please email or call us. We can set up a time for you to visit our animals. call 952.440.3824.

Come Visit Us!

We foster all of our pets in our volunteers homes but you may call to see any pets in their homes. Our adoption days are held at Pet Supplies Plus at the corner of Cty Rd. 42 and 5 (next to Cub Foods) in Burnsville from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. EVERY Saturday.

Rainbow Animal Rescue Inc.
P.O. Box 433
Prior Lake, MN 55372
Phone: 952 440-3824
Email: rainbow.animal.rescue@gmail.com
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