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Rowe-Meek Ranch & Rescue is now on a roll and we will be registered with the state of Minnesota and Board of Animal Health as well as for non profit 501c3. 

We now make it a point to schedule all animals in our rescue for a vet check and get their vaccinations and spay/neuter if needed, and evaluate them so we know how to help them find their forever home.

Adopting A Friend

Adopting a Friend/Family Member from a shelter or rescue group is always a rewarding thing, as you are not only saving an animal from being killed and living such a short life but it is so rewarding as most animals are already trained and socialized and you are also helping the shelter so they can rescue more animals. You are getting an unwanted pet get the love and attention it so deserves while gaining a new family member. 


An animal adopted is so grateful and so appreciative that they will reward you with tons of love and service. They will love you, protect you, they will entertain you and even cheer you up if you are feeling sad. Animals can tell if you are sad, depressed, hurting, something is going to happen they can alert you, they alert if a stranger is around and so much more. Animals can also be a great therapy for depression or other mental illnesses and they can help if you are deaf or blind, they can help you even if you are disabled and can't do a lot for yourself.

Who We Are

We are now Rowe-Meek Ranch & Rescue, a special rescue group that takes in all kinds of animals, evaluates them and determines their needs and match them up to their foster families where they will get socializing, training if needed, love and attention while they prepare for their forever homes.

We feel every animal should have a chance to feel safe and loved. We do not discriminate against age, sex, breed, size, length of stay we just make sure they are not going to be suffering and be able to live a comforting and enjoyable life and are not in immediate danger of dying from illness or injuries.

Come Visit Us

At our website.... https://www.rwoe-meekranchnrescue.com or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rowemeekranchandrescue or watch for our adoption events or other events and come see us there.

You can come visit the animals available but we need to schedule a time as right now we are working out of our homes and we also have other things to do as well.






Please contact us with questions, interest and so on... 


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