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Adopters must reside within 90 miles of Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


Our Goal: Help all animals by adopting a plant-based diet. Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions.


Our adoption policies are intended to move chickens from the plate to the heart as companion animals. We want homes where the birds will be loved for who they are, not for what can be taken from them. If you are interested in chickens for any reason other than as companions, you are not a candidate for adopting our rescues. Our rescues need homes, not jobs.



Our hens have received contraceptive implants to shut down their ovaries to protect them from ovarian cancer and from being used for eggs. By the age of 2 years, hens develop reproductive problems and cancers from incessant egg-laying. It is completely unnatural and it ultimately kills them. It is a horrible death. All domesticated hens have been manufactured for this trait by genetic modification and selective breeding. For more information on this subject, see:

Backyard or Battery: The Real Cost of Eggs http://cargocollective.com/chickenrunrescue/Backyard-or-Battery



All our roosters are hand-tamed, socialized and enjoy human friendship. Rooster behavior is similar in many ways to dogs and horses. People who understand and respect instinctive behavior, can apply many of the same socialization and training techniques and thrive on the challenge of a friendship that is out of the ordinary. They shelter well in homes or barns and make for lovable, easy care companions and can be quite happy as bachelor pairs. Many of our rescue roosters have bonded to compatible rooster buddies. We call them dogs with feathers- they are such agreeable garden companions.


For every laying hen, there is a dead or abandoned rooster. The inconvenient truth is that 50% of chickens hatched are males who are either killed outright at the hatchery, disposed of cruelly as by-products or abandoned in feed stores, the streets or animal shelters. The fad of backyard chickens, where only hens are wanted for eggs, has left untold millions of innocent males with no place in the world. There’s nothing “sustainable” about that,  especially if you ask a rooster.

The result is stray roosters turned loose in backyards, alleys and parks.


Cities that ban roosters are complicit in the abandonment/death of roosters. This would never be acceptable policy for any other species. Decibel levels and frequency of crowing are far less than barking dogs or exotic birds. Cities can manage complaints like any other noise ordinance. Adjustments in schedules, housing and the use of contraceptive implants are options that can mitigate problem crowing. 



Once in our care, our rescues are loved, safe, happy, warm and healthy. Finding families who will care for them as we do is rare, but when they do come along we rejoice.



Our birds are accustomed to 100% predator-safe outdoor areas; clean, spacious and comfortable indoor shelter kept at 65 degrees year-round, well-lit with natural and artificial light, and lots of fun chicken things to do with each other and us humans. We love homes where they will live in the house.



We look for homes with fewer than 20 birds so they get the same individual attention and care they get here. We hold and play with the birds daily so all CRR hens and roosters are hand-tamed, socialized and enjoy human friendship.



We rarely adopt out single birds. Introduction of single new birds to a flock can be extremely stressful for the newcomers. Chickens can also have strong emotional ties with others so every effort is made to keep bonded pairs or groups together.



Chickens are Tropical Jungle Fowl. Cold weather makes transition to a new home and flock even more stressful for them, so winter adoptions are avoided.



People who are best suited for a relationship with chickens have a loving, patient, playful nature, are well organized, inquisitive, imaginative, and have no fear of cleaning.


CRR is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give adopters one-on-one coaching on setting up for the birds, introduction of new flock members, feeding, health care, behavior and much more.



• phone chat

• share photos of home and animals

• visit CRR to meet birds. Most prospective adopters volunteer at CRR a few times. They get to know the birds, see how they live here, learn lots, and have fun while helping out.

• CRR brings birds to their new home. Repeat adopters can pick up birds at CRR.

• sign Adoption Agreement



• require a commitment for the life of the bird. Chickens can live 14 years and represent the same commitment as for dogs and cats

• prohibit slaughter, breeding, fighting or exhibit

• limit adoption only to those seeking a companion animal, not a food animal

• require that the adopter guarantee to provide proper care including food, water, insulated and climate-controlled shelter (55-75 degrees year round), fresh air, exercise, protection from predators, companionship and veterinary care as for any other companion animal

• allow inquiries by CRR about the care of adopted animal at any time

• prohibit birds to be given away or sold without consent of CRR

• require that the adopter comply with the laws and ordinances enforced in the state and municipality

• require that the adopter certify that no one in the household/property where the animal will reside has been charged with or convicted of animal abuse in any state


If you think yours is the right home for our rescues, send an email to: chickenrunrescue@comcast.net






We limit adoptions to a 90 mile radius of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area so we can deliver the birds and see their new homes. Here are some ways to adopt chickens without lining the pockets of the hatcheries or breeders:


- Visit the Petfinders.org site often. Choose "chickens” in animal category and enter your zip code and it will bring up any available near you.


- Call your local humane societies, wildlife rehabilitation centers and animal control agencies and ask that they contact you when they pick up strays. Many shelters now use a searchable database, PetHarbor http://www.petharbor.com, so you can receive email notifications about birds at your local shelter.


- Let your local animal rights groups know you would like to help a chicken in need. They will be glad for the information.


- Sadly, check your local Craigslist as well, now overflowing with unwanted chickens, especially roosters.


Thanks for being willing to open your heart to a chicken, and thanks for not breeding or buying. There are never enough homes for displaced animals.


Who We Are


Founded 2001. Every year, domestic fowl, mostly chickens, are impounded by Minneapolis Animal Care & Control and 5 Metro Area humane societies. These birds are victims of neglect, abuse and abandonment, used for eggs, slaughter, fighting, ritual sacrifice, “nature lessons” or discarded after a hobby no longer holds interest. Nothing "sustainable" about that.


After their release from impound, Chicken Run provides the birds with love, shelter and vet care, locates and screens adopters within 90 miles of the Twin Cities and transports the birds to their new homes. Chicken Run Rescue is the only urban chicken rescue of its kind and depends entirely on donations to continue helping chickens. There is a special need for rooster homes. Don't breed or buy- Adopt! There are never enough homes for displaced animals.


Chicken Run Rescue is a non-profit corporation, federally tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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