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Saluations! And Welcome to Cats Meow Dogs Bark Rescue a division of The Kelvar Edraith Fellowship/Kelvar Mair Foundation. We are a nonprofit 501C3 animal protection and welfare rescue organization. We rescue owner surrendered as well as a few selected humane societies and animal control facilities, felines and canines, place them within our foster based network and dedicate countless and numberous hours finding them a new forever home.





To extend refuge, veterinary care, nourishment and the opportunity for another chance for a better life to the injured, unwanted and abused animals. To compaign a public sentiment of humanity, compassion and understanding towards animals, as well as to protect them from cruelty, mindlessness and ignorance. To improve, strengthenand commend responsible pet ownership through education, awareness and action, as well as to enchance the quality of human life through animal companionship. To faithfully do our duty to end pet over population through spay and neutering.

Please Spay/Neuter All Your Companion Animals!

Adoption Process

We are a foster based rescue, our animals reside within homes that have opened their hearts to helping us find homes for the countless homeless animals that come through our organization.You will need to click on the above link to our Adoption Application and complete it and send to us via email.

~ Felines~

If you are interested in adopting one of our felines, we ask that you first complete our Adoption Application, followed by a phone interview, which then leads to a Delivery Home Visit. This is where we bring the cat to your home and this way we can also do a Home Visit and spend some quality time going over the adoption process and to acclimate them to their new surroundings.

~ Canines~

If you are interested in adopting one of our canines,you will once again have to complete an adoption application prior to meeting any of our available dogs. Once we have received your application and we have reviewed it, we will then call you with questions and further information. We then invite your and your family, other dogs included to a Meet & Greet at certain locations throught your area.

Adoption Application and Contract and Attachments must be completed before all adoptions. A person and or persons, must be 21 years or older and possess the understanding of the commitment of adopting a companion animal. Families or individuals who lease or rent, must supply documentation that animals are allowed within the dwelling. For further details please email CMDBR at or call 651-343-1964




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