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Home Fur-ever is a non-profit 501(c)3 foster-based animal rescue group dedicated to providing temporary foster homes for dogs that have been surrendered, abandoned, or found as strays until we can find them a permanent, loving home. We are a volunteer organization committed to providing each fostered dog a loving, caring, and safe environment, so they may flourish in their new 'fur-ever' home.

Adopting a friend

Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a new family member, you’ll need to decide what type of animal will fit best with your lifestyle. Dogs and cats come in all shapes, sizes, personalities, and temperaments, just like people. So it’s important to think about these things before you adopt. Taking an animal into your home is a big responsibility, but well worth the effort. Knowing what your needs and capabilities are before taking an animal into your home can ensure a rewarding experience for you, your family, and your new pet.

First and foremost, decide if you are really ready for a pet by asking yourself the following questions:

* Do I have a permanent residence; and what are the rules/regulations imposed by my landlord or homeowner's association with regard to pet ownership?

* What are the laws in my community with regard to pet ownership and how will they affect my selection of an adoptive pet?

* Do I make enough money to make a financial commitment for on-going veterinary & dental care, grooming, food, pet sitting services if my schedule requires it, and medications including preventative heartworm and flea & tick meds?

* How much time do I spend at work and how will that affect the type of pet I should be selecting? Do I live close enough to come home during the day for potty breaks, or will I elect to have a pet-sitting service or install a 'doggy door'? Will I be home enough to spend time with an animal so they won't be lonely?

* Do I have a stable home life that will avoid further trauma for the rescue animal?

* Will children be a factor? If so, what are their ages, sizes, and experience with animals? Do they know the appropriate way to interact and play with an animal? Do they have any allergies that would be enhanced by an animal in our home? Does the animal I am selecting have a history of positive interaction with children?

* Do I already have other animals in the home? How will that animal be affected by the arrival of another animal? What will I do if the animals are not able to get along? Does the animal I am selecting have a history of positive interaction with other animals?

* Can I make a ten-to-fifteen year commitment to an animal? What if I get transferred or lose my job?

* Is my entire family truly a part of this decision?

* Is my residence suitable to accommodate an animal on a permanent basis? Do I have a fenced-in yard? Do I have room for the animal to run & play? Do I have a 'doggie door'? Do I have space for a permanent 'doggie bed', cat house, or animal cage? How close are my neighbors, and how will they react to animals in my yard?

* Am I ready to discuss my decision and personal information with the foster care giver or rescue worker?

Home Fur-ever Animal Rescue requires that certain requirements must be met before a pet is able to be adopted. Therefore, a family should expect to be interviewed with personal questions being asked, and likely, veterinary and personal reference checks being conducted.

The reason for the above requirements is that we want this to be a permanent, healthy and loving situation for the animals, as well as to insure that the animal you have selected is the most suitable for your family's situation in order that we may achieve the best possible placement. Therefore, we ask that you not take offense to our screening process, but rather view it as a way of ensuring the satisfaction of all parties involved.

- We ask for your patience as we review your application. Home Fur-ever receives numerous applications and cannot respond to every one individually. - Approved applicants are based on best fit, not first submitted. HOME FUR-EVER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY APPLICANT, so please understand that it is within our discretion to make those decisions on behalf of our animals. - OUR ADOPTION EVENTS ARE VERY BUSY so please keep that in mind if you intend to come. You should expect to spend some time there if you are sincerely interested in one of our animals. We have limited manpower and many applicants to screen. -Due to space limitations, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THE RESCUE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WILL BE AT THE ADOPTION EVENT (we are oftentimes saving up to 100 animals at a time!) We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. - We ask that you DO NOT contact Petco about our animals. They are kind enough to provide space for our adoption events, but are not involved with our rescue work. - If a rescue is "PENDING" it is currently in the process of being adopted, but may be available in the future if it is not finalized. - Keep in mind that we depend 100% on volunteers, most of whom have full-time jobs and families and so we ask for your understanding as we do the best we can in the endless effort to find homes for these deserving animals! THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN A RESCUE!

If you are interested in being considered to adopt one of our wonderful animals, and have selected the animal in which you have interest, please see our site for more info at http://homefureverrescue.wordpress.com/

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Home Fur-Ever
Detroit Metro Area
Phone: 313-897-4931

Email: homefurever@comcast.net
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