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"Arlo is a handsome, two year old boy who is a yellow lab or mix of that breed, possibly with greyhound, pointer, or another type of hound and he weighs about 55 pounds. He's an active boy that needs daily exercise and would excel at obedience or agility classes. He has been to doggy day care to help drain his energy but does the best when he can have just one active dog in his home - he LOVES to play with his furry foster sister. He plays hard but is respectful when she tells him she has had enough. He loves racing around the fenced yard with his fast graceful legs. Another one of his favorite activities is going on leash walks on a local trail with his canine friends. Once exercised he will settle down close to you. When Arlo first arrived in Maine, he experienced separation anxiety and had a bumpy start. His foster home has been working with him and slowly teaching him that it's okay to be left alone with his furry sister. Now they stay alone during the day with no crates and he does not disturb a thing!"

Lucky Pup News

We are working with very crowded shelters that desperately need help finding homes for their dogs. We also have a steady stream of local surrenders who need help! We are always looking for good foster homes so that we can save more lives. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to one of our dogs please email us. You provide the love and the safe home, and we provide everything else! Foster homes allow dogs to become more adoptable by giving them a head start on house training, manners and socialization. Some of our dogs have come from homes to shelter life and just need a refresher on house training.

****PLEASE READ!!!!****

If you are interested in one of our dogs please note the following: all dogs are currently in our partner shelters in South UNLESS they are marked "- in New England", "- in Maine", etc. which means they are in a foster home locally. We can make arrangements for you to meet a dog if he or she is here in foster care with a completed application. Please email us ( if you'd like to fill one out.

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Who We Are

We are a small, family run rescue based in Southern Maine. Janet, the founder and president of Lucky Pup rescue, has 4 rescued dogs herself and wanted to help other dogs find loving homes here in the Northeast. We believe that all dogs deserve a safe happy home regardless of where they are from and we work to re-home both local dogs in need and Southern dogs from our overcrowded partner shelters.

We do not have a physical shelter.

We are happy to answer any questions and inquiries into our dogs, but prefer email. We sometimes are busy running children and dogs to various events, so please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for wanting to rescue a dog!

Adopting a friend

We do require reference checks, a home visit and phone interview before approving an application. Once your application is approved, a dog can be placed in your home. Dogs here in foster care can be placed immediately and dogs in our partner shelters generally take 2-3 weeks to arrive North. All dogs come with a health certificate, up to date vaccines and they ride a USDA approved transport North. We strictly follow Maine laws for dog rescue. Our fee is $300 ($250 for seniors over 7) which covers the transport, health certificate and spay or neuter if the dog is 6 months or older. If the dog is too young to be altered before being brought into our rescue, we are required by Maine state law to collect an additional $100.00 deposit until the owner demonstrates proof of the spay or neuter surgery at the appropriate age for each dog.

Please email us for an application (

Why can't I just stop by and visit the dogs?

We do not have a physical shelter. All our dogs are in foster care or Southern shelters and rescues. We believe that the dogs should settle into homes with families where they can learn manners, socialization, and learn what it's like to live in an indoor/outdoor environment rather than behind bars!

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