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News and Updates

We are always in urgent need of foster homes! With more foster homes, we can save more dogs! We are in Great Need for Foster Homes ! We only have so much space here at the INN and need caring volunteers to open their homes to help a rescued pet in need. Fosters are vital to our Organization. They provide the pups with skills that we here at the INN cannot give them on a consistent individual basis. Yes Fostering is a tough Job, No One ever said it was going to be easy. Fostering takes time, love and dedication to give everything that you have to that Foster and provide them with the building blocks to be successful at finding a home of their own forever. Some say that fostering would be hard because you could not bear giving the pup up. That is what would make you a great foster, you can ensure that they home your foster goes to is nothing but the best forever home possible. We encourage your involvement in placing and following up on your fosters. Becoming a Foster and getting involved is a very rewarding experience. You are able to enrich many lives, not just one but many. Please, if you are ready to help make a difference in a furr friends life please visit our website and get started with a Foster Application Today. Foster Commitments are 1-3 weeks but they can be longer depending on the needs and particular dog. More information can be found on our website.

Who We Are and What We Do

HuskyNLab Rescue is a Foster Based Rescue. We work with shelters in various Southern States to find homes for the abused, abandoned, neglected animals. Most of these shelters are HIGH KILL facilities. The euthanasia rate in these shelters are HIGHER than their adoption rates. These dogs and puppies are Highly adoptable and make for GREAT family companions. During the transition from Shelter to Foster/Adoption we have these pups vetted and quarantined for a period of 7-14 days. This gives us the chance to evaluate each pup individually for any medical conditions before they make their final journeys.
Once these pups are cleared health wise and can receive a Health Certification they travel North and enter our Foster/Adoption Program. During the foster period our pups are taught the basics of being a house pet. This includes but is not limited to: House Breaking, Crate Training, Socialization, Basic Obedience. We try to socialize our pets with anything and everything we can. This strategy has proven to provide MORE permanent families and less pets being returned to our rescue.

Adopting A Friend

If you find a pet that you are interested in adopting please don't hesitate fill out our adoption application, it is online and easy to fill out. We require that any potential adopter interested in adopting one of our available pets MUST have an approved adoption application on file. We will then review your information. When you are approved for adoption your information will be forwarded to the Foster that your dog is residing with to meet the pup. A Home Visit and Adoption Contract and Fee are required before you are able to complete the adoption process.
Please do not take our process as being invasive or intrusive. We work hard to save these babies from the grim circumstances they come to us in. Their previous Humans did not care for them, did not want them, neglected and dumped them. We must make sure that the next home they go to is a PERMANENT LOVING CARING HOME. We ask that you understand that we do not take adoption lightly. These pups are like our children. We get these babies in the worst possible conditions and nurture them and watch them blossom into the great being that they are. They want to be loved and cared for, just like you and I they have feelings and know when they are Loved. Please be patient with us as we take your application into consideration. This is not just a DOG this is a life we are dealing with.

You can access more information on our adoption fees at our website

HuskyNLab Rescue
Phone: 207-394-2146

Email: nickybowman@huskynlabrescue.org
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