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Please visit our official site for tons more houndy info! CNNmoney recently did an article on the rising cost of "pedigree, popularity, scarcity and novelty" in the dog world and we are proud to say that one of our puppies (already adopted, thanks to the exposure!) was chosen to be representative of a great dog from a rescue: just as lovable, just as smart, just as loyal, not to mention if not downright laid back, silly and and a stress reducer! There are many wonderful dogs and pups to be found in rescues, shelters, SPCAs instead of from breeders or petshops. Even CNN couldn't resist BAILEY's charming smile! Please visit their site to read the article and see if you can find our BAILEY! :o)

Who We Are

If you are looking for a hound to be a part of your family, you have come to the right place! We are located on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay on the Delmarva peninsula in Maryland.

HOMEWOODS RESCUE provides rescue, relay, fostering, medical, rehab, retirement and adoption services for abused, abandoned, neglected, homeless and "last chance" wayward hounds.

Our Rest Home offers: interim residential care, homecooked meals, supervised medications, coordinated medical services and social activities, for the elderly or infirmed hound. The honor of "Special Rescue Pet" is always bestowed upon one of our senior or disabled citizens. Perhaps you would consider adopting one of these "tried and true," "love ya 'til the cows come home" hounds.

We subsist solely on the generosity of the public, therefore, a donation of any amount for the seniors or handicapped would be most gratefully received. Please donate to HOMEWOODS RESCUE For the Wayward Hound, 21160 Bivalve Lodge Rd. Bivalve, MD 21814 or click on the "Make a Donation" link on the left.

HOMEWOODS is a modest all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization which is funded by donations from a compassionate public. PLEASE NOTE: Any hound's individual adoption fee is noted in its write-up on PetFinder. This fee, which helps cover program expenses, food, veterinary care, etc., is required at the time of adoption. In the instance where Homewoods rescues a dog which requires medical care or other financial investment far above and beyond that which is typical, the adoption fee may be increased to help offset these costs.ALL DOGS ARE ALTERED PRIOR TO ADOPTION. The adoption fee for BAGEL SHOPPE dogs is usually $100.00 .

Adopting a Friend

Thank you so much for considering a rescue hound . Every rescue thinks their pups are great. We do to! :o) Here's what to do:

Go to the Adoption Application page on our official site and cut and paste the app into an email. It is very hard to catch up with us by phone. This is a private rescue and we are outstraight almost always :o(! Please put the words "Adoption Application" and the name of the hound you are interested in the subject line and complete all information requested. We are told that this adoption form is tediously long, but please bear with us. We strive to insure that we will find the perfect match and a loving forever home for our hounds. Please note also that we do adopt out of state and can assist with transportation in many cases. We have regular relays North and also adoptors that drive to HOMEWOODS for pickup.

HOMEWOODS will notify you that your application has been received. We may schedule a home visit with you if possible. All approved applications are kept on file until a hound is placed with the applicant. (We ask that anyone who applies to adopt a hound and subsequently acquires another dog, to notify us so that we can remove them from our files).

When a rescued hound is ready for adoption (medical care and/or rehabilitation completed), each approved application is reviewed to see which most closely matches the needs of the hound. HOMEWOODS then contacts the applicant selected and arranges an interview between the hound and it's prospective new family. This can be done at the time of pick-up as well.

The new family signs the adoption contract and provides the donation .

The hound and its new family then go home to begin anew! :o)

HOMEWOODS makes routine follow-up calls to assure the re-homing of the hound is successful. We also offer support for any concerns that may arise. Further information is contained within the adoption application itself.

Remember, persistence is key. You may have to "hound" us! :o)

Volunteering and Donations

Donations are welcome and desperately needed! Please donate through PayPal or send to: Homewoods Rescue for the Wayward Hound, 21160 Bivalve Lodge Road, Bivalve, MD 21814.

Come Visit Us!

Because Homewoods is a private organization, we do not maintain regular "open" hours for the public and ask that visits be by appointment only. Please email us if you are interested in coming to see the hounds!

Email: mhcrowdes@aol.com

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