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Here at ASHA We are a Large Family Whom Do what We can to help our Neighbors. We are not an official rescue yet, we do not have a facility. We are just one Family working with our Friends, Neighbors & the Community to try & make a Difference in the World; One Animal at a time.

What We Do:

Helping Animals in Situations Such as: Running up and down high ways or Living in sewer systems. We go the extra mile that other people wont. We have lots of Personal Experience with house cats, feral cats, abused & abandoned dogs, small animals, farm animals and even a lot of volunteer work with wild animals and exotic animals.

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 To Contact Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions:

You can Email us at ASHAMaryland@gmail.com

Visit us at our website at www.RescueAndAdopt.org

Please Remember we are a Family & Friend Run & Funded Animal Safe Haven & Adoptions, we do not have a facility or visiting hours.

Visits, Adoptions and Intakes are by Appointments Only

If you have any items for donation please let us know and we will work with you to get them to the animals in need!

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When you leave a email; Please include your name, email address and phone number, the name of the animal you are interested in & any questions or concerns you have. 

Don't forget to check our our website!

Thanks for Caring!


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