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DAWG's focus is on at-risk dogs in shelters right here in our community.  We save injured, ill, neglected, starved and simply unwanted dogs, with an emphasis on those requiring medical care, or dogs who are overlooked because they are shy or older.  We restore their health and nurture them until they are ready for adoption, and then find them their "forever homes" through personalized home visits and then placements.  No dog is ever returned to the shelter because the dog took too much of our funds, time or effort.  If an adoption fails, we gladly take our dogs back. We are committed to our dogs for the rest of their lives.
DAWG invites you to visit our animals on this web site and by attending our weekly adoption events (we do not have a shelter). Please contact us by email if you have questions, or simply apply online, which generally ensures a dog of interest will be at the next adoption show. (Note that DAWG does not choose applications on a first come, first served basis but by "best fit.") If you need assistance in selecting an appropriate pet, or general advice and resources regarding behavior and training for your own dog, please contact us at dawg@dawg-rescue.org.

We can't save shelter dogs without YOUR financial help. Adoption fees cover only a nominal portion of each dog's expenses! Approximately 96% of our donations is spent on the dogs in our care; the remainder is spent on necessary administrative expenses including a yearly audit. Donations are not used for payroll, rent, gas, supplies or fundraising. DAWG efficiently uses every donated dollar by contracting for as-needed services, which are often discounted or even donated at times.  PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY!
Because "a seen dog is an adopted dog," we urge individuals to consider volunteering at our weekly adoption events. For additional information on volunteering, contact us at dawg@dawg-rescue.org.

Come Visit Us

DAWG holds adoption shows each Saturday throughout the year except for Christmas Eve/Day. Please refer to our website www.dawg-rescue.org for our schedule.
 At least 15 dogs of all ages and sizes are presented at each adoption show.  Consider our shows an opportunity for your entire family -- including your dog -- to meet and spend time with our dogs.
Your dog's "opinion" is so important that home visits cannot be scheduled without the dogs meeting each other. If your dog is shy, we will meet with you in an aisle or outside the store. A good way to introduce dogs is to walk them side-by-side; otherwise, please allow the dogs space and proceed as the handler instructs. 

Not sure that a show will occur if weather is bad? Be sure to email dawg@dawg-rescue.org by 10 AM on Saturday, at which time a determination will be made if "the show will go on" that day.

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