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Lloyd Animal Medical Center, dedicated to treating and helping Local animals and those of surrounding areas.

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Unwanted Pets.

We Kindly ask that if you have a pet that you can no longer care for, maybe a pregnant cat or dog, or a mother cat and her kittens, or even just an unexpected litter of kittens or puppies, PLEASE do not abandon them, Surrender theses animals to your local Animal Animal Shelter

Several times people dump their unwanted pets, left to roam in the wild where they cannot survive, or reproduce causing the feral cat population / problem to rise. Please, if you can no longer care for your animal, please call your Local Animal shelter
Any person caught abandoning an animal is subject to a fine for animal cruelty, punishable by law. This is just another reason NOT to "dump" an unwanted animal.

Thanks to PetFinder, We have placed more than 150 Animals in Happy & Loving Homes and they were adopted quickly!
Thank you again Petfinder.


If you CARE, leave them THERE !!!!!!
If you encounter a wild animal, leave it ALONE! Lots of times people think the baby animal has been abandoned, but the truth is the mother put the animal there for a reason and she will return and remove the animal when she feels it is safe. If you feel the animal has TRULY been abandoned or is obviously injured call the Animal Control Office or the Police immediately, and an officer will respond and remove the animal ONLY if it is clearly abandoned or injured. When people see a cute wild animal they are tempted to touch it, but please DO NOT TOUCH ANY WILD ANIMALS ! We ask you not touch the animal only for your and the animals safety, not because mother will smell human on it, that is an old wives tale that is 100% false, A Mother identifies her young by sound only, not scent. Picking up a wild animal can stress out the animal causing it to die. It is better off left alone till a professional wild life handler gets there or advises you what to do. If you encounter a young wild animal, leave it be and if it is still there in 24 hrs, then and only then it maybe safe to assume it has been abandoned. If you see a baby bird out of it's nest, you can scoop it up in a small box & place near or even in the tree where it's nest is and his mother will continue to feed him.
Beleve it or not you are actually helping the animal more if you just leave it be. Sometimes it is worse off with a rehabilitator, it becomes stressed and can die. It is not cruel to leave it be and let nature take it's course, but it may be cruel to remove it from the wild where it belongs. If you need any further wildlife assistance, you may call New England Wildlife Center in S Weymouth, MA @ 1-781-682-4878 or check the internet under Mass Wildlife (Division Of Fisheries and Wildlife) for a list of local Wildlife Rehabilitators(www.masswildlife.org).

$$$. Donations and Wish list ... $$$ . !


To make a Financial Donation send to:

Lloyd Animal Medical Center Rescue fund
1995 Washington Street
Stoughton, MA 02072

Please make checks payable to: Lloyds Animal Medical Center
All donations will be personally recognized, and we do thank you in advance!


Dog License Procedures for the Town of Stoughton Residents....
All dogs six months of age or older are required to be licensed on or before January 1st of each year. Proof of valid rabies inoculation must be provided by the owner or keeper of the dog at the time the license is purchased.

MALE DOGS (Not Neutered) $15.00
FEMALE DOGS (Not Spayed) $15.00
KENNEL One to Three Dogs $26.00
KENNEL Four to Ten Dogs $51.00
KENNEL More than Ten Dogs $101.00

All owners or keepers are reminded that dogs not licensed on or before May 1st are subject to a $25.00 late fee in addition to the license fee. This by-law is strictly enforced.

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Lloyd Animal Medical Center
1995 Washington Street (rt 138)
Stoughton, MA 02072
Phone: 781-344-2500
Fax: 781-344-2511
Email: krisc2376@comcast.net
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