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So. Egremont, MA -- Phone: 413-528-9581 --


PLACE FOR US provides a loving home environment for dogs (usually no more than four at a time) who have come from local shelters and who need to find permanent homes. Before arriving at Bonnie's house in South Egremont, MA, dogs are spayed or neutered (if they've not already been fixed) and given all necessary vaccinations, including kennel cough.

At Bonnie's, dogs live as members of the family. They sleep in cushioned crates in several bedrooms and have the run of the house. Two dog doors, various gates, two separate living quarters, an acre and a half of above ground fencing as well as invisible fencing make life almost ideal for everyone. All dogs (except for breeds such as huskies and beagles, who can't be trusted off lead) go for hikes on local trails, ride in the car, and socialize with friends and neighbors (including kids). We also make every attempt to determine the dogs' reactions around cats.


After about two weeks, most foster dogs are ready to be placed on the active list for adoption. Potential owners are chosen not on a first come basis but according to who would offer the very best home. Prospective adopters are asked to fill out an application form and waiver of responsibility and may also be asked to agree to a home visit before any dog is permanently placed.
FEES: I usually suggest that adopters contribute $150.00 to cover vetting for the dogs and operating expenses for my rescue. The new owner will, of course, be given all relevant medical records, tags and certificates. Donations to help meet these and other costs are gratefully accepted.

I try to keep abreast of adoptable dogs at local shelters and am happy to tell people what dog is available where. I keep a list of who is looking for what type of dog and will call folks when the breed or mix they're interested in turns up at the shelters.


Located in South Egremont, Mass. just off Route 23, near Gt. Barrington in the Berkshires. People are welcome to visit any of the dogs, walk them, take them for car rides, even take them home for a trial visit. THERE ARE NO HOURS OF OPERATION AS SUCH -- Daytime, evening and weekend visits are all possible. Just call ahead to schedule a time.

Phone: 413-528-9581
E-Mail BBassis@earthlink.net

APPLICATION: Please email BBassis@earthlink.net to ask for an application

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