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**APPLICATION SUBMISSION:  Highlight the application below then copy & paste it into an email. Please email completed application to: jw.thomas@hotmail.com.**  



                                           LUMBERJACK ANIMAL RESCUE ADOPTION CONTRACT                                                                  1122 Reynolds St., Springhill, LA 71075 (713) 471-2960


                           Please email completed application to: jw.thomas@hotmail.com





Dog's Name:  ___________________Breed:_____________________   Estimated Age: ___





1.      Adopter agrees to pay LJR an adoption fee of $75.00 for puppies 6 months old and younger  / $100.00 for puppies/ dogs over 6 months old for the above named puppy / dog.

2.      If not of age or not altered at the time of adoption, adopter  agrees to provide Lumberjack Rescue with proof of spay/neuter within 60 days of adoption.

3.      Adopter agrees the dog is to be a family companion and agrees to provide the dog with a safe home, adequate food,water, proper care, exercise, love and attention. Adopter agrees not to violate any laws or ordinances with the dog. The dog is not to be used as an attack or protection trained dog and will not be used for commercial guard work.

4.      Adopter agrees that the dog will be confined inside the home when no one is at home.

5.      The dog is not to ride loose in the bed of pickup trucks, convertibles or to be left in a car when air temperatures exceed 70 degrees.

6.      Adopter agrees to have a clean,secure fenced area for the dog. If a fenced enclosure is not available, Adopter agrees to leash walk dog. If Adopter uses invisible fencing, the dog is to be sufficiently trained before releasing it inside the system. Under no circumstances is the dog to be kept routinely on a runner or tie out.

7.      Adopter agrees to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian at least once each year and provide for all vaccinations and treatments necessary to ensure good health.

8.      Adopter agrees to notify LJR of a change in address and/or phone number within two weeks of such change.

9.      LR makes no guarantees or statements regarding the dog's age, breed, health, or temperament. While LJR has made every effort to provide accurate history and assessment of the dog, LJR is not able to guarantee the dog’s age, breed, medical status, behavior or disposition. LJR is available for consultation, advice and assistance pertaining to the health,training and compatibility of the dog. Adopter agrees to release LJR and its members or representatives of any and all possible claims arising from in jury or damage caused by the dog to any person or property. Adopter accepts this dog as is with all defects, either observable or unobservable, and assumes all risk for the dog upon signing of this contract.

10.  If for whatever reason the Adopter is unable to keep this dog for its entire life, the Adopter must return the dog to LR. Adopter agrees not to give away, sell or dispose of the dog without express consent of LJR.

11.  Adopter will allow LJR to conduct home visits and phone check-ins, and Vet Checks, at their discretion after adoption in order to check on the dog’s welfare.



Adopter Name____________________________________ Date: _______________________


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Lumberjack Rescue Representative:_____________________________________________________

Adopters Veterinarian_________________________________________________________________

Who We Are

Lumberjack Rescue is an IRS Approved 501C3 Non Profit dedicated to saving the lives of abused, and abandoned dogs of Springhill, La and surrounding areas.

Lumberjack Rescue was founded and started by Justin Thomas, a true animal-lover and animal activist. With no animal control, there is a huge overpopulation problem and the future for many animals in this area is dismal. Through Justin's work and that of his helpers, he tries to make a difference in some of their lives by providing a safe, no-kill alternative to death, starvation, sickness, neglect and abuse.

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