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My Heartís Desire Animal:__________________ Adopterís Name:_______________________ Spouseís Name:_________________ Drivers License Number:________________________ State issued________________ Address:___________________________ City:___________________ State:______ Zip Code:______________ Home Phone:_____________ Cell Phone_____________ Email address:___________________________________________________________ Why do you want to adopt? Companion? Protection? Gift? ______________________________________________________________________ 1. DO YOU: OWN OR RENT? HOUSE OR APARTMENT? If renting, does landlord allows pets: Yes______________ No_______________ Landlordís name and phone number (required if renting) __________________________¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨_________________________________________ Do you have a private yard : Yes_________________ No___________________ How long have you lived at current residence?_____________________________ Is your yard completely fenced?___________________ Fence height:___________ If no fence, what arrangements will be made for the animalís exercise and bathroom? ____________________________________________________________________ Where will your pet be kept: Day____________________ Night________________ 2. YOUR FAMILY: Do you live alone?____________ How many adults in the home?________________ How many children?__________ Ages of the children?________________________ Do all adults work?___________ Hours away from home?_____________________ 3. YOUR OCCUPATION Spouseís Occupation: Job title:________________________________ Job title:________________________ Companyís name:________________________ Company name:___________________ Work phone number:_____________________ Work phone number:_______________ 4. OTHER PETS: List the pets you have owned within the last 5 years: 1.Name:______________________Dog or Cat____________ Where are they now?_________________ Breed____________________________ Sex: Male______ Female_____ Is/was this pet spayed/neutered? Yes or No Is/was this pet on heartworm prevention? Yes or No If yes, brand/type?___________ 2.Name:_______________________Dog or Cat___________ Where are they now?_________________ Breed____________________________ Sex: Male______ Female______ Is/was this pet spayed/neutered? Yes or No Is/was this pet on heartworm prevention? Yes or No If yes, brand/type?___________ 3.Name:_______________________Dog or Cat___________ Where are they now?_________________ Breed_____________________________ Sex: Male______ Female______ Is/was this pet spayed/neutered? Yes or No Is/was this pet on heartworm prevention? Yes or No If yes, brand/type?___________ 4.Name:________________________Dog or Cat__________ Where are they now?_________________ Breed______________________________ Sex: Male______ Female______ Is/was this pet spayed/neutered? Yes or No Is/was this pet on heartworm prevention? Yes or No If yes, brand/type?________________________________ Who is your Veterinarian?__________________________________________________ Veterinarians address and phone number:______________________________________ I understand that this agreement can be voided if this application contains any false or misleading information. I also understand that My Heartís Desire could call and or visit my home for a follow-up at any time after the date of adoption. Adopterís Signature:_________________________________ Date:___________ My Heartís Desire Agent______________________________ Date:__________

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Donate a Bed
Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone.If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda dog bed.


MY HEARTS'S DESIRE HAS OPENED THE FIRST PET ADOPTION CENTER IN THE TRIPARISH AREA. WE ARE OPENED ON TUESDAY and THURSDAY from 12-3 AND SATURDAY FROM 10-2. WE ARE LOCATED AT 246 NORTH HOLLYWOOD ROAD IN HOUMA. MY HEART'S DESIRE LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM: My heart's Desire has the only low cost spay and neuter program in Terrebonne Parish that has NO geographic restrictions. We provide cat, spays(females) or neuters (males)for $50 and dog, spay(female) or neuter(males) for $60. For cats they must be approximately 10-12 weeks old or 3 lbs. For dogs it doesn't matter what size or sex as long as the minimum weight is 3 lbs . Additional charges could be encountered if the animal is pregnant or has a medical condition that would not have otherwise been found unless the animal was spayed or neutered.Those costs are usually minimal and payment arrangements can be made if necessary. We use a veterinary clinic in New Orleans called Southern Animal Foundation. We reserve the clinic and the veterinarian for the day. We provide the transportation to and from the vet clinic at no additional cost. This service is provided by My Heart's Desire every other month. We are only able to schedule 20 cats and 20 dogs at a time and spaces fill quickly. If you are interested in this program please email to request the application and information sheet on our next scheduled spay/neuter day which is sometime in November. Exact date to be added when secured. We have no geographic restrictions to use our services. Spaces fill VERY QUICKLY. Please don't wait, or you will miss out. MY HEART'S DESIRE HAS NOW ADDED A "SPONSOR ME" OPTION TO OUR AVAILABLE ANIMALS. PLEASE NOTICE IT AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE ANIMALS. ALL MONIES DONATED WILL BE USED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE ANIMAL TO BE SPONSORED. THE MONEY WILL BE USED FOR ANY MEDICAL CARE THIS ANIMAL MAY NEED OR ANY ITEMS THAT WOULD MAKE THIS ANIMAL MORE COMFORTABLE IN OUR CARE UNTIL IT'S FOREVER HOME IS FOUND. ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. WE ARE A 501(c)3, NON-PROFIT PUBLIC CHARITY.

Who We Are

My Heart's Desire is a rescue group based in South Louisiana. We rescue all breeds of cats and dogs. Most of the animals we rescue are scheduled to be euthanized at the nearby animal shelter. We provide a temporary foster home for these animals until their forever families are found. Our mission is to minister God's grace by joining these pets with people who are willing to give them a loving forever home. All or our animals have been vaccinated ; and, if age appropriate, they have been spayed or neutered. Not all of our animals are heartworm tested; however, all are placed on monthly prevention. If an animal tests positive for heartworms, it is the responsibility of the adopter to have the dog treated under a veterinarian's supervision. We are a committed member of the rescue and adoption community. If your rescue is 501(c)3 approved, and we have a dog you are interested in please contact us.


Our animals are looking for a second chance. As this may be their last chance for a happy loving home, My Heart's Desire is very stringent about the adoption process. The prospective adopter must gain approval to adopt an animal from My Heart's Desire, and his new home must meet certain guidelines: 1. All animals currently living in the existing household must already be spayed or neutered., unless ok'd by a My Heart's Desire Agent. 2. They must also be current on all vaccinations and be on heartworm prevention. 3. All cats are to be adopted as inside pets only. 4. No dog is to be kept outside on a chain. A legal contract will be signed with the adopter agreeing to have un-spayed or un-neutered adopted animals done so within 30 days of the adoption. If the adopter breeches this contract, My Heart's Desire has the right to remove the adopted animal from the home with no financial reimbursement to the adopter.


The adoption fee for a dog that is already spayed or neutered is $100 to $200. Adoption fee for a specific animal will be listed in it's bio. The adoption fee for a puppy will range from $125-$150. Puppies require additional vaccinations prior to being spayed/neutered, therefore the additional adoption fees. The adoption fee will iclude the cost of the spay/neuter through our low cost spay/neuter program when age/weight appropriate.


The adoption fee for a cat that is already spayed or neutered is $25. The adoption fee for a kitten is $50(this fee includes the cost of the spay/neuter through our low cost spay/neuter program when the kitten is age/weight) appropriate. Kittens require additional vaccinations prior to be spayed/neutered therefore the increase in adoption fees.


We will adjust fees accordingly for senior pets or senior adopters.

Come Visit Us!

My Heart's Desire does adoptions on the 4th Saturday of each month at Petsmart on Martin Luther King Blvd in Houma, LA. Please come by to meet your new forever friend!!!

My Heart's Desire
P.O. Box 3553
Houma, LA 70361
Phone: 985-226-4693

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