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Thank you for visiting. Please take a moment to read the following guidelines for adoption. If you have not adopted before, the instructions will provide you with an overview of what to expect, and a general timeline. We adopt our companion animals (dogs and cats) with the expectation that they will be companions for life, You must be 21 years of age to adopt from our shelter. We do not adopt our companion animals as "gifts", we believe there should be a connection and initial bonding between the companion and its guardian.

The timeline for the adoption approval process is usually one or two business days. If you are interested in one of our animals, please visit our website: www.logancountyhumanesociety.com to complete an application. We wouldn't want you to miss an opportunity to adopt a lifetime companion due to not submitting an application in time.

When your application is received, your references will be contacted. Pending approval of the adoption, we may call you to schedule a home visit. Upon approval, you may pre-pay the veterinarian of your choice for spay or neuter, vaccinations, and deworming, and present the voucher or receipt to us before taking your new companion home. In the event that transport is required, we will work to provide assistance in getting your companion home as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that many people, all volunteers, may be involved in working to place an animal in a new home. There are people who generously provide a temporary foster home for an animal waiting to be adopted. This allows space at the shelter for another animal to get a chance. There are people who post adoptable pets on Petfinder, taking pictures, writing descriptions, answering emails, and overseeing the adoptions and home visits. There are people who coordinate transport routes to provide animals a way to get to their new home. We are pleased that you are making the choice to adopt, and want to make the experience a positive one for all involved. Your consideration in following the guidelines is deeply appreciated.

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WE ARE A RESCUE FRIENDLY SHELTER. Please contact the shelter Director if you are a rescue and can provide assistance in placing any of our adoptable animals. We require vet references, and if you have a reference from other shelters you have worked with, we appreciate contact information for them also.

We are always in need of foster homes, if you can spare some extra love and time please let us know.

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Logan County Humane Society is an independent, non-profit agency. Our mission is to provide a clean, comfortable shelter for homeless, abused, lost, and impounded animals from our community; to place as many of these animals as possible in responsible, loving, permanent homes, humanely euthanize those not adopted; and to educate our community about compassionate, responsible care of companion animals.

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