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Our adoption fees for dogs range from $45 and up and adoptions vary on each animal. Our cat adoption fees start at $5 and up.  Our pets have NOT been checked by veteriarian.  While we feel confident that you will receive a healthy animal, it cannot be construed as a guarantee.


Who We Are

McCracken County Humane Society is a private 501c3 organization. The animals available for adoption at the McCracken County Humane Society are healthy animals surrendered by individual owners.  Our animals have NOT been vet checked.  Even though your adopted animal is more than likely extremely healthy, it would best for any adopter to take their newly aquired pet to their vet for a thourough exam at the owner's expense.  If there are any health or behavior problems you may return the animal within 14 days of receipt. The McCracken County Humane Society will make every effort to find a suitable pet.

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