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Real Dog Rescue, Inc. is CLOSING!
We still have a few pets that are patiently waiting for homes of their own or another rescue to go to. Please look at our adoptable pets page and see who is still waiting!
After more then 30 years of rescue, we feel it is time to close our doors and pass on the torch of rescue work. We will no longer be taking in animals and we are hoping adopters will step forward to adopt one of our remaining pets. We are also open to any reputable rescues who may have room to take one of our pets into their adoption program. All our fee's will be waived for rescue org's. We thank all of our friends, supporters and adopters, for helping us to rescue and find homes for hundreds of animals over the years. We do however, still have a few pets waiting for placement and we encourage everyone to please consider one of our rescues. Your new best friend might be right here waiting for you! Please adopt or rescue one!

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Real Dog Rsq, Inc. is Closing
All remaining pets listed here on our site are in need of adoption or rescue as soon as possible!

Who We Are

Animal lovers dedicated to helping homeless animals find their forever homes. We receive no outside funding and pay all costs for the animals out of our own pockets. Every cent we have goes towards the animals in our care. We do adopt locally and out of state, but all adoptions must be completed in Munfordville, KY. All adopters must be willing to complete an adoption application online or over the phone and meet us and the pet. We do not provide any transportation and all pets must be picked up from Munfordville.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting or rescuing one of our pets, please call 270-774-2854 or email

Real Dog RsQ, Inc.
P.O. Box 642
Munfordville, KY 42765

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