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Who We Are

Our family has been doing informal cat rescue for nearly 30 years. We mostly work with a couple of our local shelters to help them place their kitties. We take home many nursing mothers and pregnant kitties so they do not have to raise their children in a cage. We also take home kitties who need more attention -either medically or socially- than they can get at the shelter.

We also end up working with at least a couple of barn colonies or people who have gotten over their head caring for their kitties every year. We help them find homes for the kittens and the adults they do not want to keep and get the ones they do want to keep all spayed or neutered, so they will not have more to find places for soon.

In the past few years we have had people asking us to take dogs as the economy has worsened. We only take in a few dogs or a litter or two of pups at a time and they run loose in our house with our personal pets

Many in our current "pride" are sanctuary, lifetime residents here due to special needs. If you have room in your heart, home and budget for special needs cats, please e-mail and we'll send you info on some of our kitties with special medical needs.

Adopting a friend

E-mail or call if you want to know more about a particular animal.

Adoption fees vary and are stated on each individual kitty's page. All of our kitties have been spayed or neutered, tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV , have been wormed , have received at least one FVRCP vaccine, have been treated for earmites and given Advantage for fleas.

Adoption fees for dogs and puppies are listed on their individual pages. All of our dogs have been wormed and had at least two DHLPP (Distemper) vaccines, their Bordatella (Kennel Cough) vaccine, and their Rabies vaccine, if old enough. They have also been spayed or neutered, started on heartworm preventative (and tested if needed), have a microchip - whose registration fee is included in the adoption fee- and kept on Advantage to prevent fleas.

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a shelter. All of our cats live in foster homes. All have been strictly inside cats here.   We are always looking for barn homes for feral kitties or kitties who demand to be outside or in/out kitties.

If you want to meet one of our cats e-mail or call and we will set up a time for you to meet them. We can also help transport to get a kitty or dog into a special home.

Troll Keep Kitty Haven
P.O. Box 414
Dana, IN 47847
Phone: 765-492-4904

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