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11/5/11: Bagheera is on his way home. He has been adopted by a family in Toronto (yes, Canada) who have previously adopted a Winnie's Wish kitten. Safe Journey Bagheera!!!

12/11: Bagheera (now Kip) is doing great is in his forever home - his new brothers have already accepted him as part of the family.

12/11: Daphne was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor near her brain. The vet has given her an injection to help with the swelling, but there isn't much that can be done. She has moved into the house with the family for hospice care.

12/23/11: Luna was adopted and went to her forever home on 12/29/11.

12/26/11: Charms & Monkey were adopted together!!

1/23/12: Trex has been adopted!!! He will be moving to his new home this coming weekend!!

4/14/12: Golden and Percy were adopted together!! They are going to live with the family that adopted Luna.

5/21/12: All our adopters are doing well. Luna, Golden & Percy's family has had a fundraiser for us, so we have a few extra treats. But, as a small private rescue, we are hoping for some adult adoptions before we are up to our eyeballs in kittens.

June 2012: We picked up 2 feral kittens in Florida (on vacation!!) and 2 more plus their mom when we got home. Kitten season has official arrived.

6/14/12: Tulip has been....ADOPTED!!!! You can read about it here: http://dogsandcats.typepad.com/blog/2012/06/such-a-nice-surprise.html

7/12: Halo has gone home. It is a "foster to adopt" thing to make sure she adjust ok, but her new family is very happy to have her and is willing to give her all the time she needs. YEAH!!

10/12: 3 kittens were found wandering on a country road and have been rescued. They need their spay/neuter surgery and Shiloh had a broken leg that is healing but they should be available soon!!

12/12: Leo's family is having a fundraiser for us. His mom is making personalized ornaments. Check it out: http://celestialkitties.blogspot.com/2012/11/winnies-wish-christmas-fundraiser.html

12/6/12: Mitts was adopted and has a home for Christmas. An update has already come in and she is doing great!!

12/17/12: A triple adoption: Circe, Glitter and Cashmere were adopted together!! Congrats girls!!

1/13: Juice and Sunshine have been adopted. And so has Mickey Mouse!! A great start to 2013!

5/5 & 5/6: Hershey Bear and Frosting made it to their new home in California!!! It took lots of people and a couple of days of driving (and some serious time to make it happen) but they made it and their new family couldn't be happier!!!

5/13: We are helping out Save the Strays in Florida and took in a couple of cats rescued from the same hotel where Sunshine and Juice were rescued last year. We hope to have them ready for adoption in the next few weeks as they are a little shy!

8/12: great updates on adoptions have been posted: http://dogsandcats.typepad.com/blog/2013/06/index.html

9/19/13: Teddy has been adopted!!

January 2014:  Unfortunately, due to a divorce, four Winnie's Wish kitties have been returned.  They would love to be chosen for another shot at a wonderful FOREVER home.

June 4, 2014: Glitter and Cashmere have been adopted!!!  Leo's sisters were adopted by the same great couple that adopted Leo.

July 3, 2014: Good news!! Teddy was adopted and is doing great in his new home.

Adopting A Friend

Please email us if you are interested in one of the cats. Be aware that we only adopt indoor cats and we will ask for references. Our contract states that our animals must be returned to us in the event you can no longer keep the animal. But don't let distance be an issue - our wonderful cats have traveled many miles to their forever homes....we can make it happen for you.

Who We Are

Winnie’s Wish is a small, private cat rescue organization.  The cost of this work comes out of our own pockets with help from some wonderful friends who stay in touch with us through our blog.  The costs are high, and the work is hard, but truly the hardest part of all is finding great homes.  We hope you will read about the wonderful felines we have for adoption, and choose one (or more?) to become a member of your family.  PLEASE take note that we will work with you to get a cat into your home no matter where you live.  We’ve placed kitties into homes on both coasts, and lots of places in between (and even in Canada).

After years of taking in dogs and cats, one or two or a litter at a time, we were finally able to build a small cathouse in 2008.  That cathouse soon filled up, and because of the generosity of friends and family, we were able to more than double the size of that cathouse in the spring of 2011.  Our cathouse can now accommodate a maximum of 18 cats.  We would love to be able to care for hundreds, but we don’t believe in overcrowding.  For whatever time these cats stay here with us, we want the living conditions to be comfortable.  These are cats and kittens who have had a rough start in life.  Once rescued, and brought back to health, they deserve to be properly cared for.  Therefore, because we can only house a certain number, being able to save future cats and kittens depends entirely upon our success in placing the current group into loving homes.  If you adopt a cat from us, you save TWO cats - the one you adopt, and the one you open a spot for.

There are cats here who are "normal" and will require only the "normal" adjustment period in a new home.  But we have far more who need special homes - homes with people who are willing to give lots of patience and love.  Most Winnie's Wish cats were strays; some were even members of feral colonies.  If you are a person who isn't just looking for a pet, but is willing to open your home and your heart to a cat who might not "give back" right away, then you've definitely come to the right place!

Our organization is called Winnie’s Wish for a very special reason.  In August 2010, we found a kitten (or rather she found us). She was in absolutely terrible shape, but we hoped to bring her back to health and give her the kind of life she deserved. She didn’t get that chance. She passed away and left us heartbroken. Her name was Winnie.

Winnie seemed to touch so many hearts. We launched an adoption campaign in Winnie’s name. Winnie wished for a forever home. And the cats in our cathouse (who would have been Winnie’s housemates) also wish for forever homes. The mission here is to get as many of these rescued sweethearts into loving homes as possible. Please help us get these babies placed. We can only take in more needy kitties when homes are found for the ones with us now. And remember - if you adopt a cat from us, it opens a spot for another homeless soul who will be able to live in comfort until his or her own home comes along. Help us keep the revolving door open for the many more out there who need us.

*Please note: We are only interested in indoor homes.  We want these kitties to become full-fledged family members.


Visit our blog - daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee) http://dogsandcats.typepad.com

Did you know we have a book? Check it out: http://dogsandcats.typepad.com/blog/2012/04/i-did-it.html Profits from the sale go straight back to help the cats!! You can read more about Winnie and how we got started.

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