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By  Volunteering Just a few  hours a month!

VOLUNTEERS Needed NOW… Join us … The need has never been greater!

Don’t hesitate because of a busy schedule. A variety of volunteer opportunities are available to help fit your schedules and interests. YOU CAN choose to:

• Be a Foster    • Be a Adoption Day Handler   • Be a Home Visit Administrator    • Be a Grant Writer    • Be an Event Coordinator    • Be a Communication Coordinator   • Be a Transport Driver (short or long distance)     • Be a Fund-Raiser


Adopting A Friend

Find a "fur baby" you want to meet?  Contact us via email at   team@foster2homeinc.org or call 224-400-9948 . All of our Team is giving of their time.  They are just like you. moms, dads, students, etc.  So please be patient and we will talk with you asap. 

All serious inquires will be accompanied by an Adoption Application.  It will be found on our web site, under the Available Dogs tab.  www.foster2homeinc.org. 

You are welcome to look at what we do on our Facebook Page  (foster2home)

Who We Are

Our Rescue started as a dream.   Foster 2 Home was founded with all the drive and determination this field of volunterism demands  We believe strongly in our procedures to choose adopters,  in our dogs, and our Team Members.  If you are accepted as a Team Member to Foster 2 Home, you are indeed one of the elite and special people needed in this work.  We work closely with the adopter, looking at all the needs of the family.  We advise and help them chose the right dog for them.  We believe in what we do to know our dogs are set up for a successful home.   Although we cannot do home training any longer, we are available for tips and advise as needed.      We strive for that Forever Home, filled with a life full commitment, love, structure and security.  We wish for them to never feel frightened or alone ever again.  That takes a dedicated team of rescuers and an adopted family who understands the need to "raise" the dog to fit their life. 

We help with education for the public, to become more aware of the overpopulation of dogs and cats.  To this, we will talk at schools or functions with our knowledgeable team of presenters.  Call us to speak at your event. It is never a boring discussion! 


Come Visit Us

All shows will be listed on our site www.foster2homeinc.org

If you would like to familiarize yourself with our procedures to adopt, please visit us on our web site:  www.foster2homeinc.org  or you can follow us on Facebook.  foster2home

We look forward to meeting you!

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