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Spencer Pet Rescue

Phone: 618-792-1625


Great Information on how to chose the right pet for you !




You can still find many of our adoptable dogs & cats through Petfinder, and Adopt-a-Pet.com :: Find a Shelter or Rescue Near You or by using the links on this page. Thanks for visiting, and please check back often.

Who We Are

Adopting a friend

Please call or email us about any animal you may be interested in adopting, or come meet many of them at our shelter. Volunteers will be there to answer questions & conduct interviews. All approved adopters must sign a legally binding adoption agreement. We want to match you with the right pet !


Come Visit Us!

We have acquired a shelter! We are renting space from Spencer's Boarding Kennel. A great place to board your dogs and see all the adoptable as well. While some of our animals reside there, some are in Foster Care so we can get  feed back of how the pet does in the home. Either way, we work hard to get to know them, and make sure they get to experience  a lot of attention, socialization, and life outside of a cage!



Phone: 618-792-1625

Email: spencerkennel@aol.com
Click to see our adoptable dogs & cats!

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