Pets In Need Midwest
A No-Kill Animal Shelter

We bring available dogs and cats currently up for adoption to the Petco in McHenry, Illinois every Saturday between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m..


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Pets In Need has been established for almost 2 decades. Pat and Rudy Klimo are the founders of our shelter. Pat Klimo has been affiliated with animal rescue, shelter management and animal welfare for almost 30 years. They converted their personal residence into a no-kill animal shelter. For 19 years they operated on the generous donations from adopters and community members. The facility was under fire for many years finally resulting in a lawsuit which forced Pat and Rudy Klimo to do the unimaginable . . . evict the animals they have fought over 20 years to protect.

As of July 1, 2007, all Pets In Need animals were removed from the property in Ringwood, IL. They were placed in a boarding facility and in foster homes. We continue to ask the community to help us find a new home. We are now the ones in need, not only for the staff to keep their jobs, but for the animals we have made a commitment to, animals that will die if we do not continue to shelter and serve the community. We have always been your shelter and we want the privilege of continuing to serve you. Your help is needed now!

Pets In Need will try to take in animals, as space permits, allowing the relinquisher the relief that death is not their final option. This makes our organization unique in terms of keeping the no-kill philosophy and creed: “We will not euthanize (kill) to make room for another animal.”


Pets In Need provides many services to our community through programs such as our Senior Pet Program, C.A.T.S. – Companion Animals to Seniors, low cost microchipping, as well as cat and dog adoptions at the PETsMART in Algonquin. We will continue to do so with your help.

We need someone to ADOPT OUR SHELTER AND OUR LIFE SAVING ORGANIZATION! Do you have property zoned A1 that you are currently not using? Property that would be used to save lives and assist in providing your community with humane animal welfare.


Pets In Need Midwest, as well as many other shelters and rescues, has been experiencing a large increase of owner surrenders. Accordingly, our expenses have increased dramatically. It is expensive to feed, house, and provide medical care for animals in the best of times, but donations have decreased, and we are finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up. We, like many other shelters, need your continued support. Any help you provide will be greatly appreciated. Please support your local animal shelter. We thank everybody who has given a new home to an animal from ANY shelter and for your continued support. Thank you all so much for caring.

Please check out our website at for all the latest news, events, and a daily update of all our animals up for adoption. Our most recent news is sad, but we need to share with you the passing of Rudy Klimo - co-founder of Pets In Need. Rudy passed on June 17, 2009, surrounded by friends and family in the home that he built for himself, Pat, and the animals. Rudy is watching over all the animals and his spirit will not be forgotten.

Who We Are

Pets In Need was founded in 1991 by Pat and Rudy Klimo in Ringwood, Illinois. It is a state licensed No-Kill, Non-Profit Animal Shelter. We do not receive any government funds. We rely solely on adoption fees, private donations, and fundraising activities. Our Mission (Statement) is to "Champion the humane treatment of domesticated animals through the following means":

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Please visit the Pets In Need - Midwest website for additional information.
Pets In Need Midwest
A No-Kill Animal Shelter

PO Box 58, Ringwood, IL 60072
Phone: 815-728-1462

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Our continuing efforts depend on monetary donations and volunteers.
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