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We're looking for a new shelter manager! 25 hours/week, flexible hours. Organizational and communication skills required, plus ability to multi-task. Must love animals. Submit resume to Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo, 14606 Roos Hill Road, Geneseo, IL, 61254, by June 13.

We're Building a New Animal Shelter!The Humane Society purchased land from the City of Geneseo in January, 2013. The land is located east of the current shelter, and includes the dog park, the pavilion, and the land between the pavilion and the road to Cole Cabin. In March, 2013, a contract was awarded to Bob Johnson Construction of Geneseo to build a steel pole building on the site. The building is 50 'X 80' with a 30' X 40' attached storage garage. A contract was awarded to Specht Construction of Annawan to polur the concrete for the foundation and the floors. A contract was awarded to IEFM Consulting Engineers of Coal Valley to design a HVAC system that would be energy efficient. In October, 2013, a contract was awarded to DeDecker Plumbing and Heating in Atkinson for the plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The building shell and foundation are complete, and efforts to start on the concrete flooring are under way as of October, 2013.

The funding for the building and concrete was provided by John and Carla Edwards of Geneseo. Funds received from Geneseo Communications from their "Tails A'Waggin'" campaign will be used to complete the components that will be poured into the floor, such as the drains and in-floor heating cables. The new building committee is currently calculating the estimated cost to complete the building. When this number is determined, fundraising will begin for collecting donations for completing the building. Sponsorships of rooms and kennels will be pursued at this time. If you have any questions about the new shelter, please contact Karen Russell, President, at (309) 945-2916.

At the bottom of the website is a button to donate funds for the new shelter. Checks may also be sent to HCHS-G, P.O. Box 145, Geneseo, IL, 61254. Indicate in the remarks line, "new shelter".

Our 2014 "Bark in the Park" race is completed. We will soon have this year's pictures at our new website GeneseoBarkInThePark.com.

We're starting to plan for 2015's race! For more information, visit GeneseoBarkInThePark.com. Registration for the event will be handled at http://www.getmeregistered.com.

We are now on Facebook! Come check us out!

Kuranda dog beds and cat towers are the best! We have registered our dog bed and cat tower needs with Kuranda beds, and you can donate one of them to us by clicking the Kuranda box above.

Dutch Memorial Fund

To date, the Dutch-Memorial-Fund-For-Injured-Or-Abused-Animals has helped approximately 3 dozen animals (from various counties and states) with surgeries and other medical needs. Thanks to all who donated to the fund!! What a wonderful remembrance of Dutch! We hope for a day when no animals need it. We DO THANK everyone who donated to the Dutch Fund; however, we want to let everyone know that donations can still be given specifically for the Dutch Memorial Fund to help us continue helping these "extra needy cases." Just write on the memo line of your check: "for Dutch Fund."

Calendar Image

The The 2014 HCHS-G Calendar is now available for purchase = $10.00.

You may purchase the calendar at any of these businesses. 100% of proceeds benefits the Henry County Humane Society- Geneseo.

More than just a calendar, it's part storybook, part important pet information guide, and your purchase $$$'s show your support of the HCHS-G animal shelter.

The calendars make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and to send to family members living far away.

You might want to consider making a donation of more than $10.00 per calendar; 100% of the proceeds benefit the Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo. A donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS; check with your tax preparer. We will provide you with documentation of your donation.

If you are interested in sponsoring your pet's picture in the 2015 HCHS-G Calendar, contact Bonnie at 309-944-6742 for more information.


In 2013, 183 cats and 36 dogs were adopted, for a total of 219 pets. Our cat adoption number was down due to a self-imposed moratorium on intakes, which was necessary because of a ringworm outbreak among the kitten population. In 2012, our adoption number was 260 pets - 233 cats and 27 dogs. 2011's numbers were 315 - 259 cats and 56 dogs. In 2010, we adopted 348 pets - 304 cats and 44 dogs; 2009 was 314 pets - 264 cats and 50 dogs; and in 2008, the adoption number was 185 - 146 cats and 39 dogs.

Ways to Help

Want to help the Humane Society by buying needed items? Our wish list includes:

  • Office supplies:
    • Reams of Copy and Print paper in white
    • Avery address labels #48260 (3X10)
    • Printable Address Labels
    • Ink for and HP LaserJet M1522nf
    • Small File Cabinet
    • Scissors
    • Blue Ink Pens
    • Black Permanent markers
    • Index cards, can be white or colored, lined or unlined.
    • Clipboards
    • Dry Erase Boards
    • Bottled water.
    • Clear Packing Tape
    • Scotch Tape
    • Zip Ties
    • Binder Clips
    • Post It notes
  • Nothing on this list - call us at (309) 944-4868 to see how else you could help

  • Cat items:
    • Catnip and Catnip Spray
    • Cat toys of any shape and size
    • non-tippable stainless steel cat bowls
  • Dog items:
    • Edible Nylabones
    • Dog Treats of any size
    • Easy Walk Harneses
    • Kongs, Wobbler Toys, and other interactive dog toys
    • canned pumpkin
  • Cleaning supplies:
    • Tide Liquid "high efficiency" laundry detergent
    • latex household gloves in medium and large
    • Libman Wonder Mop refill mop head
    • tall kitchen can bags (with drawstring)
    • Large black outdoor trash bags
    • Paper Towels
    • Toilet Paper
    • Wysi wash Capsules http://store.wysiwash.com/9-pack-caplets.html
The Humane Society makes it easy for our online donors to send the things we need! Please visit our Amazon Wish List.

Cat overflow alert!

Email for information on our Orphans: Amy Gadberry, Shelter Manager

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Who We Are

The Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo is a small, NO-Kill Animal Shelter. As of February 2008, we share the building with the City of Geneseo's Pound facilities. Our section of the building has four (4) dog kennels and a large cat area where the kittens and cats live in commune style. Our Humane Society is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency located at 14606 Roos Hill Road in Geneseo, Illinois, and is operated on donations from the public. All donations go directly to help with care of our animals while we look for a permanent home for them. We have five part time employees that have the responsibility of keeping the shelter clean. The rest of the shelter work and fundraising is done totally by our volunteer organization. We are a growing group of caring volunteers. If you would like to help with the hands-on care of our Shelter Orphans or assist with the fundraising needs of the Humane Society, please call the Henry County Humane Society-Geneseo anytime at 309-944-4868. If you get a recording, leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as possible.

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Adopting a Friend

All adoption fees are $50.00 for cats, $100.00 for dogs, $60.00 for unneutered kittens (includes a voucher to have the kitten neutered when it reaches four pounds), and $125.00 for puppies. This fee includes all up to date vet work, spaying/neutering, microchipping and any other needed treatments. All animal adoptions have a contract to cover areas of care, health, return policy, and responsibility. Adopters will be contacted within one month after the adoption to assess the medical, behavioral and overall well-being of the adopted pet. Any animal adopted that is too young to be spayed/neutered must sign a contract that promises the animal will be altered once it reaches at least three pounds. Kittens will be spayed or neutered at Miller Vet Service in Atkinson, Illinois, at no cost to the adopter. (If you choose to use another veterinarian, your $50.00 adoption fee will be refunded when proof of the spay/neuter is presented to the Humane Society.) The Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo does reserve the right to refuse any adoption that we determine not to be in the best interest of the animal. The cost to the Humane Society to ready a pet for adoption is $180.00 for female cats, $135.00 for male cats, $240.00 for female dogs, and $205.00 for male dogs. We are allowed to continue our operations by your donations. If you would like to help with the cost to ready pets for adoption, please click the "Donate General Operating Expenses" button below, or send your donation to HCHS-G, P.O. Box 145, Geneseo, IL, 61254.

Get Adoption Application Here

This Adoption Application is in Word form and can be printed and then faxed to the phone number at the bottom of the form or Snail Mailed.

Fill out Online Adoption Application Here

To submit your application directly to us online just fill out the online form click submit at the bottom and we will contact you.

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You can now donate to either our General Operating Expenses Fund or our New Shelter Building Fund through PayPal.
Just click one of the buttons below to donate! (If you have problems with the PayPal buttons, first clear your cache and cookies and try again. If that doesn't work, use either Internet Explorer version 7 or Firefox as your browser - PayPal is currently incompatible with Internet Explorer version 8.)

General Operating Expenses

New Shelter Building Fund

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Come Visit Us!

One half mile north of Geneseo on Route 82, turn east on Roos Hill Road (2250 N) and then left at first road. Our Shelter has regular open hours or you can call and set up an appointment. Appointments can be made 7 days a week, including most holidays. The appointment phone numbers and open hours are listed below.

New Open Hours:

Open Seven Days A Week.
4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
The Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo --309-944-4868

Humane Society Meetings third Tuesday of each Month at the Geneseo Chamber of Commerce office on the corner of State St. and Main St from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Henry County Humane Society - Geneseo
PO BOX 145
14606 Roos Hill Road
Geneseo,IL 61254

Phone: 309-944-4868

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