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Adopting A Friend

Adopting a dog as a new family member should not be taken lightly. They are yours throughout their very long and happy lives. For doxies that could be as long as 16-20 years.    

Please see our adoptable pets on this site. If you find one that you are interested in either email us or give us a call and we can start the process. There is a questionnaire that needs to be filled out, and sometimes a home visit at your home that needs to be done, a contract filled out and then the little furrbuddy is yours! e. We usually have several dogs not listed on this site as they are being re-trained so please contact us for info on on all our available dogs.

We do not adopt out any dogs from Thanksgiving until after the holidays.

Adoption Fee: $100-$250. Dogs will be spay/neutered before adoption. If under special circumstances a dog is not yet spay/neutered, the spay/neuter will be completed at the owners expense at our veterinarian's clinic only.

If you are planning on adding a doxie to your family, please read these books before you adopt. "The Dachshund"  by Susan M. Ewing & Wayne Hunthausen, DVM; "Dachshunds for Dummies"  by Eve Adamson

Who We Are

We are a home based rescue. We are not a "shelter" or a 'kennel" the doxies do not live in, or sleep in cages, they either sleep in a crate (for crate training purposes) or as they much prefer the human bed. They live in the home with our "furrever" animals and learn how to socialize, use the doggie door, learn to walk on a leash, and get along with humans

I specialize in abused dogs and fear biters, I rehab, socialize, and  then find the right homes for them. Adoption fees go right back into the rescue to feed the dog's, spay and neuter, and pay for medical expenses. All dogs come to you spayed and or neutered, up to date on DHPP, Rabies, have their teeth cleaned, and have some basic training.  

Dogs over 3 months of age can not be transported over the state line into Idaho without their Rabies vaccine, so we will now insist on any dogs coming into the rescue over the age of 3 months must have a rabies tag and records before surrender.                                                         

If for any reason any dog we accept is un-adoptable he or she will live out they're life here at the rescue in a loving home environment, and taken care of as a family pet. 

If you know of a dog that needs to be either rescued or surrendered give us a call. If you want to adopt any one of these little guys, either email or call us so we can send you a copy of our questionnaire and do a home visit!


Come Visit Us

We are located in Athol, Idaho, just 15 min. north of Coeur d'Alene. We rescue and adopt out dachshunds and dachshund mixes in North Idaho, Western Montana and Spokane, WA.

Little Long Dogs Dachshund Rescue
4855 East Sarah Loop
Athol, ID 83801

Phone: 208-68-DOXIE (208 683-6943)

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