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LOW-COST CAT SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC - Right now we are working with some Nampa vets and are transporting cats over for spay/neuter on a weekly basis. The cost for female cats is $49, and the cost for males is $39. Any vaccinations are an additional cost of $15. If you are interested in having your cat fixed, email us at idahoanimals@hotmail.com to make an appointment. If you would be interested in helping with adoptions or fundraising for our spay/neuter clinic, let us know, we would love to have you!

PEN PALS AT SRCI - In January, 2008 we started our wonderful program called "Pen Pals" out at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario. Specially selected inmates train shelter dogs, who live out at the prison during their training period. The result is highly adoptable dogs that are house-trained, crate-trained and obedience-trained. They even know a trick or two! Since we began, we have adopted over 250 dogs from the Pen Pals Program! The adoption fee for these dogs is $150 and includes their spay/neuter, all vaccinations including rabies and kennel cough, and a leash. This program gives marketable job skills to the inmates and allows them to give something back to the community, it markedly lowers aggression levels in the prison, and it lowers euthanasia rates in the local shelters. The dogs can be seen at special adoption events in the area, or by appointment. Call Barb at 208-707-4663 for more information about the dogs or the program.


We are a non-profit 501(c)3 No-Kill organization and we receive all our funds from private donations. We have no paid employees and are a 100% volunteer organization. Since 2nd Chance's humble beginnings in 2001, we have found homes for over 3,000 dogs and cats, puppies and kittens. We have spayed or neutered over 4,500 dogs and cats, preventing the birth of over 22,500 unwanted animals (figuring that each unaltered dog and cat will bring 5 more animals into the world in their lifetime - and, as anyone who has watched their cat give birth to three litters in a year can attest, that figure could easily be on the low side!) We have many ways you can help: